68 – DUMBs – 80 photos + the real Earth map

Ancient D.U.M.B.S are recorded as being 1000’s of years old and go hundreds of kms down – how is that possible ?

1 – Recently DUMBs are made using incredible boring systems where it vapourises the rock and lines the walls as it goes along. There is no debris. They are 3km, 5km, 10km, 15km deep.” These photos are of new DUMBs or ancient ones which have been “refurbished”   That poses the question about ancient DUMBs. Who built them and how, raises the question about heat etc at such unimaginable depths.  See the next video 

2 – DUMBs – How they are built, by whom and why

3 – The Real Earth The Earth and Creation  We know our world is not a globe and it seem our Flat Earth maps show only our part of the vast plane of unknown size. The issue of density, not gravity, accounts for how any life form can exist so far down. 

Could it be that the Book of Enoch and other holy books of many cultures show the land and water being under a vast dome above all the stars and planets etc ? 

Daniel 12.4 tells us knowledge shall be increased.” in our time

At the start is like it’s our suburb   Admiral Byrd described a land beyond the wall

4 – Flat Earth Map on the Moon

5 – The Globe is a Prison + Tartarian Post Offices + Free Energy

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