37 – Speaking in tongues – Kenneth Copeland

It is true and a biblical fact that the Holy Spirit does at times, enable people to speak in a foreign language, mostly for the purpose of witnessing as was the case on the day of Pentecost, with only one Apostle speaking at a time.

Today, you often find the whole congregation, with constipational facial expressions, speaking in “tongues”, day after day, week after week, with nobody understanding what is being said.  Clear instructions concerning this are found in 1st Cor. Chap 14, verses 27-28

The language being spoken should already be in existence and whoever speaks in tongues should have either a genuine interpreter, or the audience should be able to understand the language spoken as if spoken in their own language.

On 27/10/2019  Pastor M C wrote:

Dear Brother Larry:   Thanks for sharing this video by this brother which I just watched again as I did watch it once in the past, but did not take the time to really analyse what the devil was doing thru this gibberish … and I doubt that Kenneth Copeland understood what he was saying as well.   But what he says, or was inspired by the devil to say, is very, very important because it proves that Copeland is truly of the devil.  I am going to try and get some former Pentecostals to analyse this for me.  

Many years ago Elder H.M.S. Richards told me a story about a Chinese man in church who was invited to attend a service. After a short while, the Chinese man got up and tried to leave.  So, the man who had invited him took hold of his arm and begged him to stay.  “Why do you want to leave” the man asked him.  “Oh, he said, this speaker is a bad man.”   And the church man responded that he was a good man.  “No, he is not” the Chinese man responded.  And the stupid, brainwashed church member said again, “oh, he is a good man.”   “No, the Chinese man protested again….you do not realize what the man in the pulpit is actually saying in the Chinese language, which I know very well.  This man is blaspheming your God with curse words and terrible foul language.”  And with that the Chinese man left. I will look for other stories like this to verify that this has happened more than once. M C

My Response to MC –

There was a blessed man in Brisbane years ago – Col Goschalk, now deceased. He told me that all of the possessed people who were taken to him by friends and family of the victim were from the charismatic tongues crowd at the local Mount Gravatt Pentecostal church. First visit, Col recorded the gibberish, then had it analysed by language experts (it was always a known language)  His exorcism of a young female was the first time I had ever witnessed such a thing – very scary at the time, but I know how to handle them now. **

Also, some missionaries have told me that in the jungles of South America, they received a temporary gift to witness to a positive native, but it was always in the local language and tribal listeners there could verify the words whether they believed or not.

**  https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/world-events/78-lucifers-location-now/