02 – Who Controls The Churches? Exposing Evil


Will YOU Help Expose Evil ?

by Larry Hannigan 2013

You are blissfully in your church enjoying the entertainment, or listening to a good message, even one that is not about tithing.

You look out the window and see people siphoning petrol from the many vehicles in the church car park. You immediately inform one of the attendants who whispers to the preacher at the microphone.

What will he do or say ?

Will he interrupt the show and tell everyone immediately, or will he say something like, “we don’t get involved in civil or worldly matters” and do nothing at all ?

More than likely there are sincere men and women in the pews who are Government employees, police officers, etc, from many departments who similarly “siphon petrol” all week in their jobs, by dreaming up and enforcing illegal and unlawful man made statutes – designed to siphon $$ from the people who don’t know it is happening. Those people who are “just doing their job” really have a “conflict of interest” wouldn’t you say ?

So is there any difference in the pastor who refuses to inform the congregation about the car park event, or one who refuses to inform and educate them about the weekly siphoning ?

Note – It is a crime to fail to report a crime.

Also Eph 5.11
Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead, expose them.
(Expose = the act or an instance of bringing a scandal, crime, etc., to public notice)
… applies to us all ?

What Does “Love thy neighbour” mean?
What does “love your neighbour” mean if he is being deceived, robbed or harmed to your sure knowledge? Is it honestly, “…we don’t get involved in those matters” ?

Here are a few examples of “siphoning” crimes in every congregation, to be exposed from every pulpit that claims to preach … Love Thy Neighbour.

1 – Rates Notices include a section named General Rate or similar. This is a fraudulent tax on the value of your  land. Land taxes are illegal and were abolished decades ago.

2 – Road works and Garbage collection is double dipping. Councils already paid in advance by the Federal Gov’t  for those things via the fuel tax … some 38c per litre.

3 – Water is free from heaven. No one would object to paying for maintenance of water pipes, but in every case  of a new estate, the developer pays for all that which requires little maintenance for decades. Regular  maintenance would be a tiny fraction of the amount charged “by the litre”

4 – Pet Licences – does your pet drive? If not, why does it need a licence?

5 – Parking meters. Who owns the roads, the council or the people ? What would happen if you put a parking  meter on the public road in front of your house and you demanded parking fees, with threats of jail for not  paying, from your paid armed security agents pretending to be police. Police today are employees of private abn  companies. Your local council is a private abn company so has no more rights than any other private company  or individual. Local Councils are nothing more than an elected body corporate, pretending to be a legitimate  Gov’t..

6 – Personal taxation. – Oh yes, “render unto Caesar” the preachers will bleat. The ATO is not Caesar, but is a private Company registered in Washington. So why do we fearfully give them part of our income. That is  massive fraud and theft big time. Read Earth + 5% to understand proper taxation.

7 – Courts today are also private companies where most times, the judge and prosecutor are employees of the  same company.

8 – The massive fraud of the bank “loans” and interest on money they create out of nothing. Today it is nothing  more than electronic blips. You are conned into believing you must pay back sometimes 3 times the amount you  “borrowed”.

These 8 are just a few examples of the “siphoning” tactics those Govt employee people in every congregation do to their neighbours 5 days a week. They will steal your car, your home, even a 4th generation farm. Why? To protect their “job$”!

Will you print this and personally give it to all your church leaders?

No, it is not the pastors job to “fix” the problems, but it is his (and your) duty to EXPOSE crimes to the congregation continually and from the pulpit. And you to your neighbor.

No, this is not pastor bashing. There are many good men there. Chances are, most of them don’t know or don’t want to know. But when you tell them, then they have to choose. The days of the “one pastor” church, caring for and supported by his flock, are now pretty much gone. Today almost all churches are private companies with ABNs, and like any company, they are there to make a profit.

Thus all company employees must obey the policies of their company, ABN companies are ultimately subject to the City of London, Washington and the Vatican Bank. Of course, they won’t admit to this. They are employees of an abn company, there for profit, their first loyalty.