08 – Criminal Code Act 1995

Criminal Code Amendment (Trafficking in Persons Offences) Act 2005
Division 271—Trafficking in persons and debt bondage

Subdivision A—Definitions
271.1  Definitions
In this Division:
confiscate, in relation to a person’s travel or identity document, means to take possession of the document, whether permanently or otherwise, to the exclusion of the person, or to destroy the document.
constitutional corporation means a corporation to which paragraph 51(xx) of the Constitution applies.
deceive means mislead as to fact (including the intention of any person) or as to law, by words or other conduct.
threat means:
(a)  a threat of force; or
(b)  a threat to cause a person’s removal from Australia; or
(c)  a threat of any other detrimental action;
unless there are reasonable grounds for the threat of that action.