14a – Claiming Your Rights in Court

This 11 minute MP3 is of a man in a Court demanding ID from the so called “judge” It has been cleaned up – paper shuffling, etc, removed, but every word that was said has been preserved.

The message is important here – not so much the messenger.

In the introduction to this audio piece the complexity of what is being said is explained a little.

What is not explained is the reason why this language is being used. When Whitlam unilaterally over-turned our relationship with Great Britain in the 1970’s, he effectively destroyed the legal system as it then stood, and in so doing, allowed for the eventual forced creation (by politicians) of Corporate Government, including Corporate Courts. This opened the way for Marine Law (what the Captain says, goes), to take the place of Common Law, with its inherent rights for individuals and restrictions on governmental excesses.

To do this he ignored the fact that originally, the only way the Australian Constitution could be changed is by referendum – the vote of the people.

He changed not just the titular head of government (Queen Elizabeth the 2nd), but in fact, the entire purpose and direction of the constitution, which was originally written to embrace and emulate those hard-won protections enjoyed by all British citizens. We no longer enjoy these protections.

The imposition (without reference to the people) of a new federal constitution and new state constitutions, without reference to the people, is a crime that needs addressing by the people.