This is from a Gov’t website



but here is the reality …

Common Law in Australia is NOT Common Law of England.

Original jurisdiction is now the Political Parties jurisdiction

the Constitution = Political Parties so called Constitution is where they don’t recognize the Preamble and the first 6 Clauses of the True Constitution – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/?s=true+constitution

the Commonwealth = a Private Company Registered in Washington DC (District of Columbia)

High Court = High Court of Australia – created by and belongs to the Political Parties in 1979 with NO Crown Authority.

Australian Administrative Law: = All Australian Laws are created by Political Parties NO Crown Authority.

Governor-General,= Governor-General of Australia created by the Political Parties in 1973 in Gazette for the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973.

All the Court cases happened after 1960 are not worth the paper there written on.

The Governor-General and Commander in Chief were owned and controlled by the Political Parties from the 2 February 1960 = TREASON.

The Political Parties went to war against Vietnam.

The Political Parties created their own Money the Australian Dollar in 1966 and created the Political Parties Debt – it is NOT the Peoples’ debt.

NO JUDGE in the Political Parties “Australia” “Commonwealth” or “Commonwealth of Australia” has Crown Authority to give any judgment, that’s why they sit as a Coram: in the presence  of the Political Parties appointed judiciary = TREASON.