22b – The Coronation Stone of Destiny

Elizabeth never was Queen

In a Common Law Jury, having been presented with all of the facts, unanimously reached the verdict that Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Alexandra Battenberg; (also known by the criminal aliases Elizabeth Windsor and QE2); was fraudulently/unlawfully crowned and thus was NEVER the lawful monarch of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. The TRUTH about the British Monarchy; the “Golden Jubilee” (50 year reign) of the queen who never was.

Therefore, because she was never the lawful queen, her offspring are not and never were princes and princesses, or dukes and duchesses, etc., but have fraudulently masqueraded as such, and unlawfully taken monies from the public purse that they were never entitled to.
As Elizabeth was never the queen, none of her offspring can be lawfully crowned and cannot become king or queen, as they are cursed by God Whose Throne it is.

The succession of the Line of David upon the British-Israel Throne was broken along with The Stone of Destiny – at 4am on Christ-mas Day in 1950, when the Scottish Nationalists removed The Stone of Destiny/The Throne from the Coronation Chair, in Westminster Abbey, and dropped and broke it, because it was much heavier than the Perthshire sandstone Stone of Scone that they had practised with. The Lia Fail – Bethel Stone – The British Coronation Stone

God had the Throne removed, to prevent Elizabeth from being lawfully crowned, because Christ was already here on Earth, and the Throne is RIGHTFULLY Christ’s.