27 – Deceptive Language and Hidden meanings in courts

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Why people don’t win in court … but can

  1. Argument is a dis-honour & only debtors argue
  2. Equity prevails (Judicature Act 1876 s(5)(11)
  3. A creditor uses principles, rules, doctrines of Equity and establishes the truth using the 2nd witness principle taught by the Messiah. You CANNOT judge in your own matter. ie … you CANNOT make claims/statements/offers


When you testify in court and “argue” your case, do you actually establish truth ??    no no –  Instead of testifying, if you simply made your point by asking a question (or affirmation in the negative)   eg “I am not a person … is anyone here claiming I am a dead legal fiction called a person. Say so now or forever hold your peace!   NO ONE WILL ANSWER  

Therefore say it thrice (As Peter did before the cock crowed & Peter was confirmed to have denied   the Messiah)


” I’ll accept your offer to call me a person when I see evidence that I’m not a man”

No evidence will be produced so you will win by default

When people step up & wish to win their cases, they will need to learn to NEVER make claims but ask questions of their adversary which the adversary fails to answer & therefore they lose by default.     Silence equates to “assent” which is an agreement because silence equates to a deceit or intention to conceal the truth and is dis-honourable

There are logical and good reasons why equity prevails (part of contract). Every offer the Magistrate  makes out of his mouth is a new offer to contract. You may accept it, conditionally accept it or not accept it at all, but you must NEVER ARGUE IT

If judgy says something to you that stinks or is a fish hook to catch you by “arguing” Simply say;  “Sir, with respect, let’s not worry about that, the issue is this …”  and keep going on your merry way

It is far better to settle matters privately by round table meetings with appropriately qualified people from adversary’s office and knock ‘em out! or publicly by role playing in court

Stop the corporate rape of Aussies.