03 – Coal Driven Power Stations and Carbon Dioxide (Part 2)

Volcanoes and Pollution

Oh my – golly gee … volcanoes emit gases – wow … who would have believed it ? and volcanoes emit far more in a day than all the cars cars and industry worldwide do in a year – and have been doing so since recorded history –
but that should be negated by the fact that millions of USA buffaloes are no longer farting.

Go to a beach you remember as a kid – (I recently did) I could not measure any 2mm rise or fall in 65 years.

Of course the weather changes – this morning at 7am it was 20c at midday it was 30c a massive 50% increase – I shudder to think what ot could be next week – and I wonder how big a battery will be needed in a 20 ton semi trailer or a train – and how long it would take to charge up such a battery with no wind or clouded sunlight for a week.


I also worked at the gasworks in Casino NSW – the half wagon coal gave the whole town (including the butter factory, and other places) gas and electricity – the only blackouts were from a rare storm which brought down wires – fixed quickly – Today a wild storm or cyclone – and half the State is blacked out. The only pollution was a bit of soot which was arrested by wet blankets (in simple terms) on top of the stack – theses were washed weekly.
Sth Aust apparently has the most solar powered homes and wind generators – they have it all – except for reliable power. I suggest that most greenies have never seen or held a lump of coal nor set it alight – we used a little coal for a boiler on the farm – cheap and gave great heat –

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