16 – 5G a Blessing or a Deadly Curse ?

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Every time some new technology is developed – the real motivation behind it is for the $$ rewards to the inventor, otherwise it is used or confiscated by the military.

The 5G technology is a cellular mobile network consisting of three components: mobile devices, a radio access network and a core network. The mobile device might be a smartphone, tablet or computer with a USB dongle, but could also be a low-cost sensor with a simple transmitter. 

There has been no pre-market testing of this technology or the mix of frequencies we will be exposed to. There are no protective regulations to assure monitoring of radiation levels for each antenna or a registry to document reported health effects. No Departments of Health nor Local Councils have given any guidance with regards to this new 5G radiation safety, except to tell people to reduce their exposure

So forget your smug remarks that you don’t have a cell phone … you probably have a TV or some device, even a new fridge, but like it or not, there will be a lethal 5G tower outside your house before long.

The radio access network consists mainly of base stations (mobile phone towers) and is connected to the core network. The base station uses radio waves to relay communications between the mobile device and the core network. The area covered by a base station is called a cell. The core network’s main role is to set up communication with other devices and other networks, user management and record information for billing.

Each generation of cellular networking has introduced radical changes to what the network does and how it does it. We are still a few years off widespread deployment.

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As the aggressive 5G cell network rolls out, an alarming number of scientists and public health experts are highlighting the potential harms of immersing the environment with high-frequency electromagnetic energy. It is in the Cell phone manufacturers interest to downplay the potential risks along with studies that directly link them to brain cancer. In 2017 the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued new guidelines to assist people to reduce their exposure to the risks involved in using cell phones. 

Cancer link confirmed in biggest ever cell tower radiation study © press

The Waking Times reports: 5G is already known to cause unused health disturbances and while many are working to derail this massive project, new research gives us extraordinary insight into the effects that cell tower radiation is already having on our health. This technology is far from benign, and while scientists from both sides debate the potential for harm, more evidence continues to mount, suggesting we would be wise to reconsider our dependence on cell technology and upcoming 5G.


“Firefighters from San Francisco say that they began experiencing an array of unusual side effects — after 5G equipment was installed in and around their firehouses. Symptoms reportedly included memory problems and confusion. The firefighters say the symptoms only stopped after they relocated to different fire stations without 5G devices nearby. It’s not just the firefighters, either. In Gateshead, England, scientist Mark Steele says that there’s been an uptick in reproductive issues and other health problems since the city’s new wireless streetlights were installed. Miscarriages, stillbirths, nosebleeds, and insomnia are among the consequences he’s reportedly observed in the community. “We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people’s bedroom windows. It’s a humanitarian crisis,” Steele contended. 

Further evidence suggesting harm comes from the recent Ramazzini study, in which researchers have confirmed what many have suspected to be the case: ambient cell tower radiation do have serious biological effects. The study looked at test rats who were placed in close proximity to cell towers, ultimately establishing a credible link to cancer. “Researchers with the renowned Ramazzini Institute (RI) in Italy announced that a large-scale lifetime study of lab animals exposed to environmental levels of cell tower radiation developed cancer. A $25 million study of much higher levels of cell phone radio frequency (RF) radiation, from the US National Toxicology Program (NTP), has also reported finding the same unusual cancer called Schwannoma of the heart in male rats treated at the highest dose.

In addition, the RI study of cell tower radiation also found increases in malignant brain (glial) tumors in female rats and precancerous conditions including Schwann cells hyperplasia in both male and female rats.” cancer link confirmed in biggest ever cell tower radiation study © press


According to the study, the type of malignant cancers seen in rats are similar to the type observed in those attributed to cell phone use. “These tumors are of the same histotype of those observed in some epidemiological studies on cell phone users. These experimental studies provide sufficient evidence to call for the re-evaluation of IARC conclusions regarding the carcinogenic potential of RFR in humans.”

At issue for some naysayers are the levels of safe radiation issued by the FCC, and whether or not cancers can, occur when a person is exposed to levels which do not exceed these recommendations, but other researchers point out that the current cell tower system already exceeds these limits. Furthermore, as stated above, the nationwide rollout of 5G is well underway, and this technology would drastically increase our exposure to cellular radiation, which would put children and pregnant women at even greater risk than they already are. “This study raises concerns that simply living close to a cell tower will pose threats to human health.

Governments need to take measures to reduce exposures from cell tower emissions. Cell towers should not be near schools, hospitals or people’s homes. Public health agencies need to educate the public on how to reduce exposure from all sources of wireless radio frequency radiation—be it from cell towers or cell phones or Wi-Fi in schools,” stated David O. Carpenter MD, former Dean of the School of Pub Health at the University at Albany. This is particularly urgent because of current plans to place small 5G cell towers about every 300 meters in every street across the country. “These 5G ‘small cell’ antennas will result in continuous exposure to everyone living nearby and everyone walking down the street. The increased exposures will increase the risk of cancer and other diseases such as electro-hypersensitivity.