25 – 5G + Your Smart Phone

The pro’s and con’s.  It’s probably a waste of time putting these items here because maybe you think you might die without your beloved device eh ?  – but you WILL die from it !   Do you know anyone even willing to want to know ?


Video 1 The 5G Apocalypse by Sacha Stone

[wpvideo RAPCSy7g]


great videos here and info for people.
Please share until they are sick of you.
Better to be sick of you than sick from 5g

Video 2 – warning from a G installer

[wpvideo j0hamuRI]

Video 3 – Telecom Workers destroy Cell Towers Dec 2019

[wpvideo ML9z07HX]

Video 4 – How Your Phone will Kill you with Cancer

[wpvideo 2RuRtuc1]

Video 5Switch your Phone to a Safer Mode

[wpvideo 81MxLHGD]