15 – Austria before WW 2

Austrian WW2 Survivor Gives Her Account of life in Austria In 1940.  The parallel of what’s happening now and what happened then is almost identical, but there’s ONE HUGE DIFFERENCE now.

This lady did not mention (she probably did not know- as is the case today with the sheeple)  that in 1933 when Hiltler got elected, he introduced laws     1 – Sodomy, brothels, porn etc were banned and  2 – Usury is a criminal offence (which is Biblically correct)     This is why Jew Bankers world wide declared war on him. – Note the date 24 March 1933

He recognised war was coming via the Bankers and lowered the age for gun ownership to 14 yrs

As renowned historian David Irving points out – Hitler was probably unaware of – The shocking interferance in people’s lives from 1933 to 1939. Exactly as it is today, under the bureaucracy which breeds within all Govt departments


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