64a – Holohoax 6 million + Origin of the jews

“The Holocaust” is widely known as the murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany, many if not most of them in gas chambers deceptively disguised as shower rooms.

We have all seen the terrible imagery of dead prisoners taken after concentration camps were liberated. This documentary reviews some of the most memorable of these images, which were taken in camps such as Dachau, Nordhausen and Bergen-Belsen. A closer examination of this imagery we’ve all been exposed to reveals a very different story than what we were made to believe. Surprisingly, a large number of the bodies we were shown were the direct result of Allied bombing and strafing attacks, rather than victims of a systematically planned Nazi extermnation policy.

Probing the Holocaust: The Horror Explained (Part 1) presents surprising information which shed a new light on the horrific imagery and enables many viewers for the first time to truly understand what transpired in Germany during and at the end of the war. Watching this presentation with an open mind will surprise you and leave you asking questions of your own.
By Germar Rudolf

1 – The Horror Explained


2 – Jew World Order and the 6 Million Holohaux Exposed


3 – Six million number propaganda in Newspapers


4 – Auschwitz films faked

Since the end of World War II, international Jewry has had a stranglehold on the historical narrative about what happened in Nazi Germany, who modern-day Jews are, and how they are completely innocent and righteous and allegedly suffered more than any other group in human history. European Jews gained power in Western countries, like the US and the UK and other European nations, and used that power in film, television, academia, law, politics, education, finance, etc. to frame the Holocaust narrative. We have all heard the fables: 6 million murdered, gas chambers, ovens, shrunken heads, skin used for lampshades, human fat turned into soap, and so much more. This narrative is so sacrosanct that it is literally ILLEGAL to question any aspect of it in almost 20 different countries. In other places, if you reveal having doubts about the Holocaust story (ask Ernst Zundel or David Irving,

Origin of the jews