77 – 1979 + 2016 … fake pandemic – deaths by vaccinations + Dr David Martin

1 – 1979 CBS Minutes – Dangers of Swine Flu Vaccine

The vaccinated people die.


2 – The Hamburg Syndrome 1979

They watched the movie and created a pandemic out of it. It turns out it’s all about population control. The vaccinated people die.


3 – VACCINE AG19 Short film 2016 

A look at a world nearly wiped out by compulsory vaccinations. Two survivors find each other in a seeming twist of fate and must prevail if they hope to save what’s left of civilization. Blind obedience is dangerous, and more than often, conspiracy theories turn out to be true…


4 – Vaccines – It’s always  Follow the Money.  the truth about the vaccine, Dr David Martin


5 – Dr David Martin – Who wrote the script ?