78 – 1996 Harvesting and torturing children for adrenochrome. 2020 Babies for sale

1 – What is Adrenochrome ?



2a – Who has been the most prolific in child abuse throughout history ? 

2b – Ex CIA explains Adrenochrome Adrenalized blood and child trafficking.



3 – Harvesting and torturing children for adrenochrome – Phil Schneider


4 – Eyes of the Devil

Documentary Exposing the Sale of Babies for Sex and Organ Harvesting  

This is only 1 country in the world. How extensive is this world wide ?


5 – Adrenochrome – who’s in the Black Eye Club

Disclaimer – I cannot know if every individual on this video is a one time user or regular or are they just plain ugly ?? I wonder how many users know the source of the stuff @$12,000 per 100 mls as claimed on other vids



6 – The best documentary