78a – Adrenochrome – Children harvested for their Blood – DUMBs

WARNING —Graphic content.  Human harvesting prisons. Children’s bodies found underground in China. and Cambodia. 2 million people go missing every year in China — massive organ harvesting operations. Paris has its famous catacombs. Bodies are buried in every country.  

From the dark web — kidnapped women with legs & arms amputated — treated as ‘living toys’. This is what we are dealing with. The evil is beyond comprehension but it must come to human consciousness. It is way past politics. Human Trafficking/Harvesting, pedophilia, cannibalism, satanism, bio-weapons, depopulation, war, fake money, slavery — it’s all connected, from the highest levels of society. Diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for the manufacture of Adrenochrome