88 – Tartaria – History of suppressed technology in recent centuries

Tartarian History – Considered by some to be another conspiracy theory – of course.  the evidence says otherwise – and your honest research should reveal all.  You will find technology that would change our modern civilization beyond recognition from what we know of today.  Astronomical clock in Prague, Czech Republic, situated at the Old Town Square. This incredible machinery was made in 1410 ?? Check out what it does. Mind blowing stuff. 

And the impossible Palaces were built with wheelbarrows and basic hand tools ?? yeah right 


1 – Your DNA is shown in old Cathedral Buildings


2 – How about electric vehicles ?

If they want electric cars – why not do as below instead of waiting for how long at a charging stati


3 – More electric vehicles 

4 – Where is that tech hidden today ? 


5 – Tartarian – Hidden human History + suppressed Technology


6 – More from Tarteria 




The above is a very brief intro – You may ask, so what and why does it matter ?

ALL TRUTH MATTERS – it best to know it – John 8.32

7 – More  info on the impossible buildings   

27 – Lost history of Architecture on earth (Erits)