17 – Your Birth Certificate + Legal and Lawful with Walter Veith

1 – When you were born. your mother (and father) signed your Live Birth Certificate stating you were male or female, alive and well and she gave you 1 or 2 Christian names. The family name (Jones, Smith) being that of your mother and father, was written in a different column. That piece of paper was taken and rewritten in all CAPITAL letters and instead of you being named John Frederic of the family, Jones, on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, you became JOHN FREDERIC JONES, A fiction, a piece of paper and you became a corporation, and not a flesh and blood individual. You became a Ward of State which can be taxed. Why are they so keen to know your weight at birth ? That is your value in gold at the time. Now you know why they say you are worth your weight in gold??

A brief, friendly reminder to parents that the all-powerful State believes it actually owns your children. Parents who are “getting a little too attached” to their children need to keep in mind that the State became the actual legal parent when you signed the “Birth” Certificate, which may have been days or weeks after the actual birth. Your child became a “person” ie a corporation so the Government can do business with them – taxes, laws, licenses etc. Your child is a male or female of mankind (man kind) and all commerce between individuals must be by informed consent with full disclosure. see


If you have the State wanting to confiscate your child  see

08 – State Child Protection Agencies

2 – Legal and Lawful with Walter Veith    Birth Certificate