13a – How and when did our Govt commit treason ?

Dear Senators & Co,   FYI .   Can someone please explain? 

The following seems to now explain why no one from the former Governor General Peter Cosgrove down will step up since 2014 Re illegal activity since 2011 in my case.

All fake – a charade – complete deception – THEFT.  NO AUTHORITY!  Criminals.  Treason indeed.






The Financial Services Royal Commission – from the “Queen of Australia” to Hayne – a sham – signed by Cosgrove & Turnbull who already knew in 2015 about money laundering potential terrorist financing fraud counterfeit cheque’s etc – no Royal seal.

Page 6 of 6 – Letters Patent



There is Always an Audit Trail

The Truth will Not be Hidden

The Ability to Lie is a Liability

Time for a clean out.


Australia : what have We the people allowed through Our tolerance of, and empathy for tyrants?

The Criminals

In 1973 EG Whitlam, the Prime Minister of Australia at the time, an individual with one vote (equally as all Australians) and without the authority of the Queen or the People began the gradual process of changing our constitutional government into a totally new corporate government. One unknown to the contract holders, the Commonwealth of Australia and the constitutional Monarch Queen Elizabeth II.
Whitlam changed the name from
• the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia
to – the Australian Government.
Remember that Australia is the land mass. The People are the Commonwealth of Australia. Therefore that government under that name has no authority over the people (Removing ‘The Commonwealth’ removed ‘We the People’).
In 1973, EG Whitlam, an individual with one vote and without the authority of the Queen or the People, changed her title from
• Elizabeth the Second, By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her Other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith to
• Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (A statutory entity – that does not ‘Defend the Faith’).
That title does not hold the expression Defender of the Faith, therefore that title is not the title of the private queen as found in the Preamble to our constitutional contract. If the private woman is not found in that title, there is no protection in that title for the private men and women who are part of that contract.
Consequently, that title holds no common law authority. Therefore the inherent jurisdiction of the private people is absent in that title. That is not the title of the Constitutional Monarch that we the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, hold the contract with. Therefore the Queen of Australia has no authority over the People.
This ‘fake’ queen  holds no land, has no collateral and gives no authority. It is simply a statutory patron of the Australian Government.
In 1973, EG Whitlam, an individual with one vote and without the authority of the Queen or the People, removed the Royal Seal

7 C A C A .jpg

of the Constitutional Monarch and replaced it with the Great Seal of Australia on all acts and over the Parliament.

18 Australia PP

That Seal was an armorial seal given to the parliament by a previous monarch for use in public matters (letter heads etc).
Whitlam made some changes to the appearance of this seal and copyrighted it to the Australian Government.

(1) It is NOT a law-making seal, yet it now sits above the Speaker of the House of Representatives as the symbol of where his alleged authority comes from. That Seal is not the Seal of the Constitutional Monarch who holds the protection for the People inside the Parliament and provides the authority for all acts which are used to govern the People. Therefore that Seal has no authority over the people.
EG Whitlam, an individual with one vote and without the authority of the Queen or the People, gave that new corporation a constitution.
To do that he simply copied OUR constitution, word for word, then changed the title, creating 2 duplicates – The Constitution & Australian Constitution. He then copyrighted those two documents to the Australian Government.
These 2 new corporate constitutions have no contract holders, therefore they do not adhere to the Preamble, but start at sec 1.
Without the Preamble, they do not –
• Recognize the living private individual people.
• Recognize the Queen as the same
• Recognize, require or adhere to common law
• Recognize, require or adhere to Human Rights legislation.
• Require signatures.
• Require the Queen of Australia to hold the title Defender of the Faith.
• Recognize or faith – an element of a living person.

From that day in 1973 until now, the Australian Government has not been a public corporation operating under the rules of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Proclaimed 1 January 1901.
Simply put, the individual private men and women, who were voted in to a legal role in government to administer the civil and political rights of the men and women, ignoring their oaths to the constitutional monarch, without the approval of the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, followed an individual man without authority, EG Whitlam, and removed the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, replacing it with a form of government unknown in the contract, unknown to the People and currently referred to in its own acts as a ‘foreign government of political subdivisions.’
NOTE: The legal definition of a foreign corporation is a corporation organised and chartered under the laws of another state, government or country. Because, although an obvious government body continued in the appearance of the correct body – those changes were enough to remove any continuing government from any allegiance to either the Queen, the people or the Constitutional contract.

(2) In effect, those legal entities created an evil ‘twin’ government, closed down the real government and operated through the other. And by so doing, they were able to make changes that could not be called into account constitutionally, because they were not a constitutional body anymore – in terms of our contract. And not one parliamentarian or lawyer or judge spoke out to warn the people themselves, as their positions became fraudulent from that day.
In 1982, individuals without any authority, known as the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth and the Premiers of the States, with no referendum agreement of the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, formulated the Australia Act 1986, breaking all legislative ties between Britain and Australia.
That act was enacted to the Queen of Australia. This act is sealed with Whitlam’s Seal. That was not done with the approval of the men and women of the Commonwealth of Australia, the contract holders.
Therefore this act is null and void to the People and to the constitutional Monarch Queen Elizabeth II.
All tiers and bodies of this government have an ABN number and are corporatised to the US Securities & Exchange Commission, in Washington DC. The statutory legislation of the Australian Government is chartered to the land mass of Australia, and its jurisdiction in environmental. A jurisdiction unknown to the People’s Constitution.
There is so much more information that clearly shows breaches to our constitutional contract.
Courts where a man or woman wish to use their constitutional protection as defense and are told by the JUDGE, “take that rubbish out of my court,” or men and women who are arrested without a signed warrant from a judge, or councils who enter private property and state they have the right to do so …
One judge, when handed a common law Deed of Grant – thrust it away saying “I can’t look at that thing in this court.”
Other people are being told by the courts, by the Lands Dept, etc that the state owns their land, they are just residents on it.
In fact, no court in this country appears to operate under any semblance of common law – every case is instead a civil case, a contract case, a mercantile law case, etc and money is the over-riding claim.
What authority did EG Whitlam have to do something that so gravely affected the People of the Commonwealth?
Did he have the authority of the constitutional contract? NO. Did he have the Queen’s authority? NO.

(3) Did he have the authority of the People -The Commonwealth? … NO.
What authority did the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth and the Premiers of the States have to create an act that has so gravely harmed the People of the Commonwealth?
As with Whitlam – they had no authority.
Q: Where do the States stand in all this deception?
A: They have gone back to their pre-Federation Colonial Constitutions and now operate independent of each other. All bodies in State Govt will now refer you to their State Constitution as giving them their authority.
Q: What & Who is COAG?
A: The Council of Australian Governments, comprising the Prime Minister, Premiers of the States & Territories and representatives of Local Govt.
Q: But local council does not have constitutional validity?
A: It doesn’t in OUR constitution – but remember, they created a copycat copyrighted version – which is not OUR constitution, but theirs.
Q: What is COAG’s role?
A: To enter into agreements between the independent states.
In 1992, without a referendum, these entities of COAG agreed to administer all legislation under environmental guidelines.

(4) However the legislation stated –
Within the policy, legislative and administrative framework applying in each State, the use of natural resources and land, remain a matter for the owners of the land or resources, whether they are Government bodies or private persons.
It appears they do not even honour their own legislation.
• No Royal Seal has been used on acts passed by the Australian Government since 1973.
• No Royal Assent has been given to any act passed by the Australian Government since 1973.
• No Proclamation in the Government Gazette of the Commonwealth of Australia has been made since 1973.
• No man or woman who has entered parliament since 1974 has been entering a Parliament OF (for) the People.
• No man or woman who has entered parliament since 1973 has been operating under the Constitutional Contract – the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Proclaimed 1 January 1901.
So this is not a government. Since 2002, it is simply a full-blown corporation.

(5) Clearly they are not operating any government that is one approved by the People. Clearly it is a government foreign to the People. So why has the Queen not stepped in? She has been receiving a mass of documentation from Australian’s desperate to understand what is happening to their rights, and she has not helped.
Many people are turning against her, which is what this corporation wants – remember all governments since Whitlam have been pushing for a republic. Why has she not helped?
Because, like everyone else, we were telling her it was a constitutional issue. ‘This government aren’t obeying our constitution!’ ‘they are breaching our constitution!’ ‘They need to listen to us, we are the People of the Constitution!’
For starters, we have been asking a foreign government, chartered in the USA, to do as we tell them to do.
For seconds we thought they were breaking our constitutional rules, when they actually weren’t even part of that contract anymore. In fact, we the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have not had a government as we created it, since 1973. Our constitutional ‘insurance’ was allowed to lapse on that day and no-one told us. We are totally unprotected. But it is even worse.
I stated previously that the Queen is the only private person inside the constitution as the founder of all corporations? Well that applies to their corporation too, she was also in there as the founder BUT she had told them they must have individual contracts with the private people.
Let’s look at the Corporations Act 1990 in each state, which are all current acts. Remember that Australia is now operated under a foreign corporation, statutorily legislated ONLY to the landmass.
In each State’s version, the act appears to recognize private people and respect their rights.
• in the NSW Act section 18 overrides the Royal Prerogative of the Queen, removing it from the Act.
• Section 18 in the WA act does the same
• Section 18 in the VIC act does the same
• Section 18 in the SA act does the same
• Section 18 in the QLD act does the same
• Section 18 in the TAS act does the same.
I told you what the Royal Prerogative was. It is the living woman, the Queen, inside the Parliament, speaking for us, signing her assent, acting as the contract holder to protect our civil and political rights. The living woman holding the authority for any and all actions of the Parliament where the People are involved.

(6) Removing the Royal Prerogative removes the Queen as the living woman from the Parliament. Removing the Royal Prerogative removes the authority of the Queen from the Parliament. Removing her authority, removes the protection for the individual living natural people. Removing the Queen, removes our contract as the living men and women from the Parliament.
Removing all living people, removes ANY need for the following
1. common law
2. private ownership rights
3. heirs and assigns
4. estates and wills
5. human rights legislation
6. Magna Carta
7. Bill of Rights 1649
8. Writ of Habeus Corpus
When you remove private people from a decision making process you do not have to worry about
• whether they have enough to eat
• whether they have a home
• whether they have jobs
• whether they have access to good health care
• whether they have access to education
• whether they have a future
• whether they have a voice
So, this is why none of our constitutional protests to the courts were heard – this corporation cannot hear what does not exist in its own system.
Its employees, including the Police, Judges, Parliamentarians, Governor-Generals, etc all hold a workplace agreement with a workplace number, to establish their allegiance and direct their authority, which is to the corporate rules ONLY.
Their ‘Head of State’ is the head of the corporation – the Prime Minister – currently Scott Morrison (Liberal/Labor – same creature). If you don’t think they knows this, listen to them refer to ‘Their government’, to what they want for Australia.
He knows exactly what power he holds. When a body operate under pure corporate rules, without a living authority, they operate wholly and solely under contract.
This foreign corporation does not have a contract with the People through our constitution, as is clear. However because we were deceived into thinking they were OUR government, they have coerced us all into entering individual contracts with them.

(7) Think about all the new registrations, memberships, licenses, degrees, etc we are all now expected to operate under. You are now taken to court under Planning Law, for not getting permission first.
This foreign corporation cannot see our beating hearts, it can only recognize our name on a contract.
Was this disclosed to you when you entered that contract? And more importantly, was that contract created validly under the common law jurisdiction of the owner of the land? NO!
So, where do we, the private men and women of the Commonwealth of Australia, stand now?
1. We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, have no Parliament
2. The Australian Government has no authority over the People of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Q: There are no living people inside the Australian Government. If there is no living authority inside the Australian Government, who runs the show?
A: The answer can only be – nobody.
Q: If there is no living authority inside the Australian Government, who makes the rules and how enforceable are they?
A: Nobody makes the rules and they aren’t worth the paper they are written on.
Q: If there is no living authority inside the Australian Government, what are we obeying? A: Our own manipulated belief that they are legitimate, despite all the evidence that has come forward over the years.
How stupid does that make us? It is US who have enslaved each other, allowed the removal of each others homes, and assets and lives. Because we are jumping to the call of a corporation with nothing living in it & NO AUTHORITY!
So, all you people trying to keep Smart Meters out of your homes. The electricity company has ABSOLUTELY no-one authorizing them to do what they are doing. Therefore it is a crime.
The Lock the Gate people, defending their land against CSG. The fracking companies have ABSOLUTELY no-one authorizing them to enter your land and STEAL your ownership.
Everyone who is worried about the imposition of the Carbon Tax – it has no authority behind it. Keep your money!
The massive monies the Australian Government are borrowing from overseas and we are expected to repay. Not our government, so NOT OUR DEBT. We didn’t authorize it.
Q: Where is the money from Telstra, from the mining royalties, from the taxes, from any monies this corporation have taken WITHOUT authority?

(8) Q: Where is the 196 billion in gold gone from our Mint? The wealth security of the People.
Q: Where is the millions supposed to be held through stamp duty on land to re-buy private land back into public hands? Where is the 52 million supposed to be in the disaster relief fund?
(A) All disappeared into the hands of a Corporation that had NO authority to take it.
The NLIS Scheme, the PP Boards, the local councils, RSPCA, RTA, – not one of them have ANY authority for their bills, their fines, their rates, their impositions. Send them back!
Did you catch that? LOCAL COUNCILS HAVE NO AUTHORITY BEHIND THEM. Not only are they unconstitutional, they are acting criminally when they enforce THEIR rules without ANY authority.
And it gets worse.
Q: Have you been arrested? Have you spent time in jail?
(A) The judge and the policeman hold their licenses under a WORKPLACE AGREEMENT –
not a constitutional authority. They had no authority to arrest or jail you.

Q: Have you had your children removed by a judge with no authority?
Q: Have you had your home seized for non-payment of rates or a mortgage default by a judge with no authority?
Q: Are you battling fines for any and everything?
That is why no judge today signs ANYTHING – in fact, that is why most people claiming authority OVER you and I, do not sign anything – because that will make them accountable for what happens to you.
(A) They don’t have the Queen’s authority & they know it. Rudd, Gillard & Abbott, each an individual with 1 (one) vote only, CAN NOT give them any authority over you and I, so without authority, any harm to a living man or woman is a crime.
However – they have created the greatest danger for themselves. A living man or woman cannot escape a common law judgment. Every single one of these people, must now prove their rightful authority under Vicarious Liability. Vicarious Liability binds them to the result of any harm that falls on you the living man or woman. If they are a boss, it binds them to the harm their staff might cause.
That means, regardless of corporate legislation protecting Parliamentarians, these entities are still also private men and women & as such are outside the Australian Government/Corporation’s protection. They are individually answerable to those they have hurt, under common law.
Men and women have been destroyed without authority – that is a crime.

(9) Their homes seized, their assets stripped without authority – that is a crime.  Their lives lost through stress-induced suicides caused by incredible government harassment without authority – that is a crime.
Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act is alive and well and living underground. Dig it out and stand on it. It is the only thing that currently protects us in any way, because that contract between the individual private living People and the Queen still exists.
1. you are an individual living private person found in the Preamble.
2. the Queen is an individual living private person found in the Preamble.
3. your private person and the Queen hold a contract together
4. in the Preamble you are protected by your common law jurisdiction
5. you are a legal person inside s9 Constitution
6. your legal person is protected by the Constitutional Monarch
7. the Australian Government has absolutely no authority over your private person
8. the Australian Government has absolutely no authority over your legal person
9. the Australian Government is not part of the contract between you and the Queen
10. the Australian Government is not part of the 1901 Proclaimed contract
11. the Australian Government has no Constitutional Monarch.
They know this & they have not stopped, therefore they are criminals.
No contract + no authority = go away.
~Michael Jensen ND~
Lest we forget, the men and women who have endured much harassment, bullying, false imprisonment, theft of their real property and even paid the ultimate sacrifice whilst standing up against the deplorable thieves, thugs and tyrants, whom have sought to sell this country out for personal gain.
~martin : St.John~

Kindest regards

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