28 – Wayne Glew – Sept 2019

The USA ownership of Australia and how to use it in court

Foreign Agents Registration Act – Print it        CIA-RDP66B00403R000100070002-0




Despite hearsay and rumours and lies, Wayne still owns his property and explains how and why.  If you do not learn and act on this info, you are a willing part of the destruction of our country.  Is doing your bit not a part of Love Thy Neighbour ?  It’s up to you, but one day sooner or later, you will have to tell your kids why you ignored it, or hid in the pews.  Oh yes, you have a job, a good salary for now, hopefully in an honest business, but for how long ??   If you care at all, you will watch this video, 

[wpvideo HvaWYPgH]

The 18 Companies that own Australia


Magna Carta to print



Bill Of Rights 1688 + 1689 + Cestui Que Vie Act 1666


Part of the Interesting doc. from CIA   as Wayne mentioned


The full Doc –  print it out – study it – Wayne will explain how to use it next video  CIA-RDP66B00403R000100070002-0

Here again are the charge sheets you can lodge against anyone acting criminally anyone while pretending to be authorised by some “gov’t

A Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 1997-2003)

B Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 2007)

Any person can lodge a charge against a pretend Govt employee by simply doing so at the local magistrate’s court.  It is a Criminal Charge, so a magistrate cannot hear it, he must pass it up to a higher Court.  After you have lodge it, you might inform the one you have charged, maybe a harassing Councillor or police who may back off ???  The charge will remain until they disprove it.   This is not legal advice, just a thought eh.

Note on top of the Charges list – they are/were an accessory to the crimes and have shared in the plunder via extortion through rates, fines and fees. Also remember that most houses were built without council interference and permits. Most town halls were built voluntarily.

And don’t forget the Nuremberg Principles which are adopted world wide.  Principle IV. The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.

When you lodge, at the local magistrate’s court, they will give you a proof of service sheet to complete once you have served the charge sheet containing the one you have named. Their day will come – so keep your paperwork in a safe place !


(C’wlth) CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 13

Institution of proceedings in respect of offences

Unless the contrary intention appears in the Act or regulation creating the offence, any person may:

(a)  institute proceedings for the commitment for trial of any person in respect of any indictable offenceagainst the law of the Commonwealth; or

(b)  institute proceedings for the summary conviction of any person in respect of any offence against the law of the Commonwealth punishable on summary conviction.