05 Our Foreign Government

What’s been done here in Australia seems to be a mirror of what the elitists did in the USA during the 1870’s. At the time they operated under two Constitutions and multiple “United States”. The Amendments were not made against the original Constitution, but against the Constitution of the later United States Corporation, created in the 1870’s.

Everything about our government is an illusion. We, the people, are being steered into the World of Government by Corporation.

We must each learn HOW to say NO

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This stylised “Armorial Bearings of the Commonwealth of Australia” has absolutely NO authority

It is a FARCE to have this used by Acts as the proper
“Armorial Bearings of the Commonwealth of Australia”

It should be used for PUBLIC FUNCTIONARIES, Not Law!

People working under this Seal are impersonating something they’re NOT.
That is a Criminal offence.


The Corrupt Foreign Parliament of Australian  and their Spin doctors

In 1973 a Foreign Government was formed under E G WHITLAM Passed and enacted in the Foreign Parliament by their own patron Queen ( Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 ) with NO land NO subjects NO authority and NO seal. Absolutely NOTHING. This Foreign Parliament and Government now called “Parliament of Australia” and “Australian Government” working outside our sealed Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act from 1st January 1901, inter alia with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) [63 & 64 Vict.] [Ch. 12].

This Foreign Parliament of Australia doesn’t recognize the Preamble and the first 6 Clauses of the above Constitution. The Preamble is the People that have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:

1. Short title;
2. Act to extend to the Queen’s successors;
3. Proclamation of Commonwealth;
4. Commencement of Act;
5. Operation of the Constitution and laws;
6. Definitions;

This Foreign Parliament of Australia in 1973 took out the Death Penalty…

ALSO Banking Act (No. 2) 1973 Act No. 193.Therefore taking over the Banks.;

ALSO LANDS ACQUISITION ACT 1973 No 208 this gave them the right to take land whenever.;

 Statute Law Revision Act 1973 No 216 this Act took out “ of the Commonwealth” from all the Acts and Territories therefore taking over assets and destroying the Commonwealth, Making the Defence Force personal Mercenaries .;

ALSO GOVERNOR-GENERAL ACT 1974 No. 16 The Governor General is now in the Foreign Parliament and doesn’t represent Her Most Excellent Majesty.;  

ALSO Banking Act 1974  Act No. 132 This Foreign Parliament of Australia them printed their own Money “Australia” with NO guarantee as “of the Commonwealth” has been removed and is not legal tender currency, is therefore counterfeit,  

PARLIAMENT ACT 1974 No. 165 An Act to determine the site of the New and Permanent Parliament House This is for their Foreign Parliament of Australia’s Parliament House.;

ALSO Family Law Act 1975 Act No. 53 (Section 21 of which established the Family Court of Australia); 

ALSO Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 No.156.;

ALSO Australian Federal Police Act 1979 Act No. 58 This Foreign Parliament made their own police.;

ALSO Judges’ Pensions Amendment Act 1979 No 88.;

 High Court of Australia Act 1979 No. 137.;

ALSO Judiciary Amendment Act (No.2) 1979 Act No. 138.;

ALSO Australia Act 1986 Act No. 142 This Act was to bring the States into conformity with the Foreign Parliament of Australia and its patron inherited Queen.;

ALSO Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act 1988  No. 120 which amended Section 80,replacing “common law of England” with “common law in Australia” of the  Judiciary Act 1903 No 6. Therefore giving all rights and assets to the Foreign Parliament and Government of Australia by removing every right of the Peoples;.

 Security Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Act 2002 No65 removed Treason form theCrimes Act 1914 Act No 12 therebye taking away Her Most Excellent Majesty’s Protection.

Since the 5th Dec 1975 we have NOT had a Parliament of the Commonwealth of which we are bound (Clause 5). This is only a very small time line of the EVOLUTIONARY CORRUPTION we have experienced, and all of this has been backed up by the Australian Senate; the Australian Government; the Governor General of Australia; the Queen of Australia (the Corporate Sovereign Inherited ); the High Court of Australia and all it’s so called Judges acting as a Corum; the Australian Courts of the States and their so called Judges; (Coram – Butterworth’s Concise Australian Legal Dictionary
Coram : In the presence of: before…. This is a totally different meaning to Quorum
They are NOT sitting as Judges. Click  http://www.hcourt.gov.au/publications/high-court-bulletin   and scroll down to Constitutional Law. You will see the Judges there are acting as a Coram )

All State Parliaments and Governments under the Australia Act 1986; All Attorney General’s Lawyers; Barristers; AC’s; corporate QC’s and the Human Rights Fraternity of the  Australia System of Government Professors of the University’s teaching Corrupt Australian Law, and All the top Bureaucracy of the Australian System of Government !

YOU people in YOUR positions should know the CORRUPTION of the Law under which YOU work. There is NO excuse for stepping outside the TRUST of the people and the people’s Constitutions, as directed by our false “Australian Governments”. 

Remember the Gettysburg Address ?? 

Well, we do NOT have  “governments of the people, by the people, for the people,” and

“Where ever law ends, tyranny begins.

All these people above work outside the Sealed Constitution that we have with the Crown and by removing the DEATH PENALTY and TREASON; they know exactly what they have DONE. 

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act from 1st January 1901, inter alia with

the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) [63 & 64 Vict.] [Ch. 12].