02a – Why no Local Gov’t in our Constitution?

Our Founding Fathers were wise – They observed “councils” in action for centuries from Magna Carta.  I am sure you are aware of the depths of depravity that some people will sink to, to obtain wealth and power – but getting it illegally is dangerous if you get caught  right ?  but when you are protected by a legal system (note – legal, not lawful) then there are few limits to what one can  do –  As you are learning about the fraud in Government and the judiciary, you can see the opportunities available to thieves and liars.

In most cases, people do not pay rates cannot afford to, those who can pay are so dumbed down thinking councils actually do things lawfully (actually they don’t –The Federal Gov’t pays most, but that is another subject)   Nearly all rates $$ are for fat salaries and perks – and lately people are realising that rates are a scam.  So, when a landowner gets into trouble, he is easy prey to a council – rather, I should say councilor.

Remember that a “council” is only a piece of paper.  Councillors are flesh and blood individuals – An opportunity arises so they start a foreclosure on the property – they will call an “auction”, allegedly to recover the amount of rates owing.  Naturally the owner is not cooperative, and the councillors don’t want to get their hands dirty, so they hire thugs to go onto the property when the owner is absent, they steal valuables, sometimes trash the place (as burglars and thieves do) so the place is now un-livable for the owner who must then live elsewhere – thus the place is clear for auction.

But there’s more – the rates owing may be say $10k – the market value may be $100k   The place is “auctioned” for $50k so you would think the council would give the owner $40k  ??   that rarely happens – yes the real owner is now on the street and he may even have a mortgage of $50k which he is stuck with.

Other scenarios often happen – a councilor lusts after a local business or property such as  a weekend retreat with 20 cabins or so.  The “council”  will issue warning “notices” about anything or something on the property is not in accordance with Agenda 21 vegetation rules or some dreamed up infringement about building codes or the like – so the same antics as above are done, the auction goes ahead. and the property is bought for a song, not by the councilor of course, but perhaps by a relative or arms length friend.

These situations are common – even occasionally shown on Current affair TV shows, but there is rarely any follow up. –  Such are the people doing this to their neighbours daily. and yet, these hypocrites will sit in the pews weekly – and we are supposed to love them .. yeah right !!

Not all councilors are like that – many get on the council with noble intentions, but quickly discover that the unelected CEO is there to enforce the UN Agenda. He is paid from the same extortion $$ from ratepayers, and those councillors should realise that they are also sharing in that pool of extortion via their wages and perks.

Not many decades ago, being on the council was honourable – most drew no wages, only expenses – they employed only a few civil engineers and office staff to ensure that essential services were maintained. If major infrastructure such a roads, railways, bridges etc was needed, it was decided by meetings and community discussions, and was generally financed from the Fed Govt –

Today the 38c/litre fuel tax of some $45B is far more than the $25B actually spent – where is the rest ??