14 – State and Local Govt planning for Agenda 21/30

This USA video show what goes on in Gov’t meetings … they have no respect for property or rights – There is little doubt that this would be the same here – Where I live, they have closed and ripped up the train lines and made it into a 50km “bike trail” between 2 towns.  To date I have never seen one bike on it.

Councils are reducing new subdivision residential lots to as small as 375 sq m. – Even Brisbane City Council is approving the old 16 perch (400 sq m lots down to 200 sqm … no usable family front or back yards.  Why … double rates … no extra roads … only room for 1 car park if you can fit it. A friend has a home on 1000 m2 on the Qld Sunshine coast – Next door on 1000m2 is a 6 unit building. Each resident pays the same rates as my friend … so the Council does very well indeed x 6

[wpvideo R2aZtGxf]