04 Qld Government admits: NO AUTHORITY over Individuals

It seems that non-victim “crimes” today are nothing more than a revenue source to support acres of offices full of people making marks on bits of paper, just to work out how many others are making marks on bits of paper.

When you receive a “notice” from ANY Gov’t Department for some alleged non-victim “offence”, remember it is nothing more than an attempt to extort $ (property) from you. As a Private Corporation/Company … eg (Queensland State Government ABN 75 818 456 675), they have no authority to do this without your consent.

And unless you are an employee of, or contracted with the Company that sent you the “notice”, then there is no more authority nor claim than with any other private company.

Note that the Act below has their Private Company seal and is copyrighted .. ie exclusive to them and has no application to you as a private man or woman, regardless of how threatening their words to you may be. This also includes Local Councils, Police, Courts etc … see below for some ABNs.

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Corporation Seal of the
Queensland Government


Corporations (Queensland) Act 1990


Part 2    The Corporations Law, and the Corporations Regulations, of Queensland

        8   Application of regulations

             (1) The regulations in force, immediately before the repeal of the Corporations Act,

                   under section 22 of that Act—

             (a) apply as regulations in force for the purposes of the Corporations Law of

                  Queensland; and

             (b) as so applying, may be referred to as the Corporations Regulations of Queensland.


             (3) To the extent that a provision of the Corporations Regulations of Queensland is

                  taken because of a particular application of subsection (2) to have effect, or to

                  have had effect, before the day of notification of the regulations referred to in that

                  subsection, the provision does not operate so as to—

             (a) affect a private person’s rights as at that day so as to disadvantage that person; or

             (b) impose a liability on a private person in respect of anything done or omitted to be

                  done before that day.

            (4) In subsection (3)—

                  private person means a person other than—

            (a) the Commonwealth, a State or the Capital Territory; or

            (b) an authority of the Commonwealth, of a State or of the Capital Territory.

© State of Queensland 2006

This “Act” is telling you that no private person is subject to any rules of this private Corporation, registered in Washington, which they call “Queensland Government”.
Private Natural People are NOT within the Corporation Seal of the Queensland Government and their Copyright.   We are private free individuals and we are not subject to any of their laws, statutes, or rules which apply only to staff and anyone who has a contract with them.

Every Man is independent of ALL LAWS except those prescribed by nature. He is NOT bound by any institution formed by his fellow Men WITHOUT his consent. Cruden V  Neale ZNC 338 May Term 1796.

The people in this corporation also includes Courts; Judiciary; Legal Fraternity; Police Service; Local Councils etc; – all are private Corporations/Companies with ABN number, subject to the “Queensland Government, subject to the Commonwealth of Australia” registered in Washington. Unless you are an employee or contractor, then you are not subject to Local Council Rates; Traffic Fines; Parking Fines etc. Rates are a tax, Under the Constitution, only the Federal Government can impose any tax.- the States cannot impose any taxes.  There is no such thing as Local Government and the Referendum 1988 settled that issue once and for all. Only a Referendum can change any part of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act UK 1901 which is to protect us against tyrannical Government.

Queensland State Government ABN 75 818 456 675;

Queensland Police Service ABN 29 409 225 509 ;

Dept of Justice & Attorney General ABN 13 846 673 994;

Brisbane City Council (ABN 72 002 765 795) all other Councils have their own ABN

ABN = Australian Business Number NO Authority of the Crown. Private Businesses.


Queensland Investment

Corporation Act 1991


An Act to provide for the constitution of the Queensland Investment Corporation, its objective and certain of its powers as a government owned corporation, and for related purposes

Part 2 Queensland Investment Corporation

10 Duty to assist transfer of property

 (1) The registrar of titles and all other persons who are required or authorised to keep a register or other record about dealings in property must, if asked by the Corporation = (Queensland Government) or QTC, = (Queensland Treasury Corporation) make in the register or other record all entries necessary to record a transfer, acquisition, or vesting of property to, by or in the Corporation under this part or because of the change of trustee effected by this Act.

 (2) In this section—

  property includes assets, liabilities, rights and contracts.

11 Corporation represents State

 (1) The Corporation represents the State.

 (2) The Corporation has

       all the powers, immunities, privileges, rights and remedies

       of the State.

© State of Queensland

Constitution of Queensland 2001 No. 80, 2001


51 Powers of the State

(1) The Executive Government of the State of Queensland (the “State”) has all the powers, and the legal capacity, of an individual. =(NO Crown Authority)

© State of Queensland

The Corporation Queensland Government; it’s Queensland Parliament with it’s (MPs) and it’s PrivateConstitution of Queensland 2001  which owns the Judiciary; controls the Legal Fraternity; Police Service; so called Public (corporate) Servants and Local Councils. All these people are under the Fraudulent Seal of the Queensland Government and their Acts are Copyrighted State of Queensland. These Acts clearly state that they only have the power, and legal capacity of an individual. These People have sworn their Oaths to a Statutory Instrument (a Piece of Paper). There is NO Crown Authority. Their Private Courts and the Judiciary; Police and Local Government don’t have the Authority (power) to charge you with anything. Their Judges are appointed by Political Parties NOT by the Governor representing the Crown. The present Governor is only an office holder (Secretary) to the Corrupt Corporation Queensland Government run by which-ever (Political Party). The Police Service is only a security agency for the corrupt Corporate Queensland Government NOT for our protection (Tax collectors dressed up like a Police Force). All these above People are in contempt of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 in conjunction with Queensland’s Constitution Act1867 but are still accountable and the Vicarious Liability lies on them for the Actions taken against the Private People outside the Queensland Government.

(2) In this section—

         property includes assets, liabilities, rights and contracts.

         assets: Your Money; vehicles; Homes; Land; anything Tangible; etc

         liabilities: Debt; etc

         rights: intangible having no physical existence (Freedom; Common Law Rights)

         Contracts: Deed of Grant to your property


(Stylized Version of a Public Functionary Seal is NOT a Law making Seal. This Seal has NO Authority outside the Corrupt Corporation Australian Government it’s Parliament of Australia and it’s paper Queen of Australia)




Corporations Act 1989 Act No. 109 of 1989

Consolidated as in force on 17 December 1998

Prepared by the Office of Legislative Drafting,

Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra.    

Part 2—The Corporations Law, and  the Corporations Regulations, of the Capital Territory

    6 Application of regulations in force under section 22

        (4) In subsection (3):

 private person means a person other than:

 (a) the Commonwealth, a State or the Capital Territory; or

 (b) an authority of the Commonwealth, of a State or of the Capital Territory

Part 4—Application of the Corporations Law to the Crown

       19 Crown not liable to prosecution

Nothing in this Part, or in the Corporations Law, renders the Crown in any  right liable to be prosecuted for an offence. (This Corporation doesn’t recognize the Crown or the People so they have NO authority over either.)