11 Who Owns Your Land?

Technically – We do own the Title deed to the land…  see the item below re – King John

But when the Crown’s representative (Governor in and over the State) signs the Deed of Grant to the land the Crown alienates the land from the Crown by the Crown to the conditions of the Deed of Grant.  In 1973 Whitlam and the Political Parties changed the…

Land Acquisition Act 19734 (a) by omitting from sub-section (1)  the words ” The Governor-General ” and substituting the words ” The Minister “;
” (2) The land acquired under this section may be an easement,
right, power, privilege or other interest that did not previously
exist as such, in, over or in connection with land.

By doing this the Political Parties Criminally took ownership of land and by Treason removed the Governor General.

This is done under their “Australia”. Their “Commonwealth” means their “Commonwealth of Australia” in a geographical sense, not as the Commonwealth of Australia as established under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted.

Then under the TOTALLY CORRUPT Australia Act 1986 Commonwealth and the States into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation:

The States created companies within the Company Commonwealth of Australia in a geographical sense which is now registered in Washington DC.

After the TOTALLY CORRUPT Australia Acts 1986 the State Governors became Office Holders to the Political Parties and therefore our land ownership became owned by the TOTALLY CORRUPT Political Parties.

New South Wales Government is NOT Government of New South Wales
Queensland Government is NOT Government of Queensland
South Australian Government is NOT Government of South Australia
Victoria Government is NOT Government of Victoria
Tasmania Government is NOT Government of Tasmania
Western Australia Government is NOT Government of Western Australia

of the State of New South Wales why not just “of New South Wales”?
of the State of Queensland why not just “of Queensland”?
of the State of South Australia why not just “of South Australia”?
of the State of Victoria why not just “of Victoria”?
of the State of Tasmania why not just “of Tasmania”?
of the State of Western Australia why not just “of Western Australia”?

All land taxes are TOTALLY ILLEGAL as your land is alienated from the Crown by the Crown and States laws are under the Crown, but sadly we have our heads in the sand.

Read these documents in support of the above:


Property Act Definitions




King John sold your land

You don’t own your land; ultimately, through the English Monarchy, the Vatican owns your land, and you pay an annual rent to live there. That goes back to the Treaty between Pope Innocent III and King John predating Magna Carta which the Pope annulled for the most part by three (3) subsequent Papal Bulls. The English Monarchy has rented the Crown from the Vatican ever since in accord with the ‘Forever Treaty of 1213’. If you are unaware of it, best you wake up and get yourselves a copy.

We struggle with the same problem here, as do the Canadians. We are are caught up in the British/Vatican Criminal Consortium with their Bloodline families running the ‘show’ for them, but you Aussies are even more blinded in not being able to see past those Bloodline Family proxies, the Jews you guys keep railing about. You need to wake-up and smell the ‘cawfee’, and figure out what is behind it all. They are all laughing their a$$es off at you guys like they were at us.  Because you can’t recognize the TRUTH, God allows you to wallow in the mire. The Edomites, the progeny of Essau and his Cannanite wife had taken over Judaism by the time of Christ after the Babylonian Captivity in 521 B.C. That was who Christ constantly criticized in John 8:44; 1st John 3:12; Rev. 2:9 & 3:9. Being a R.C. like I once was, you likely don’t even have a Bible, and if so, probably seldom if ever read it. Rome revived is your leader, and Rome revived is the Fourth Major World Power, see Daniel 7:13-24. It is now in the process of devouring the whole earth, treading it down, and crushing it. Rome today and since June 29, 1963 has been worshiping Lucifer, and they claim, his son, Jesus Christ. If you desire proof, send a request and I will furnish it.  I just sent the following out to my list last night.

Bob Jungles