32 – How do you get ear wax out of a clogged ear?

When I was 25 (now I am almost 50) I was unable to hear from one of my ears. I was pretty concerned so I went to the doctor. He took one look inside and said, “I can’t see anything. Your ear is full of wax.”

He had the nurse get huge syringe full of lukewarm water. She put it up to my ear and blasted that water inside and out popped this huge slug of wax. It was so nasty. I couldn’t believe something so large could be in my ear.

Since then occasionally I’ll get some hay fever and that usually causes wax build up in my ears.

So if my ears got plugged, I would take a baby nasal suction bulb and fill it with warm water and blast it out myself. I was freaking scared the first time I did it. I was in the shower and squirted the water in there expecting pain or something. but it didn’t hurt. Just rather loud rushing water sound. But the wax didn’t pop out. So I repeated 4 or 5 times until it popped out and splatted on the shower wall. It looked like a little pooh.

Lately though, I just take my hand shower… and put it on the pulse mode and just blast that in my ear if it feels like it is starting to get a bit waxy. That cleans it out fairly well, but not as well as the bulb.

Yeah there are drops and what, but I don’t have that kind of patience. Blasting it out with warm water is so much faster and if you do it in the shower, no real mess to clean up.

And if you want to tell me how dangerous this is, I am not interested. been doing this for 20 years. Never once did it hurt in the least.