34 – Big Pharma’s Worst Nightmare

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The Disease-Fighting Breakthrough So Powerful It Won TWO Nobel Prizes

The discovery of a dormant “Second Immune System” inside your body, that when reawakened:

  • Stops Cancer! “Induces the death of metastasizing (cancer) cells.” — Harvard Medical School
  • · Reverses Alzheimer’s! “2 to 3 hours following the first dose [patient] demonstrates a marked improvement in ability to recite and write out the complete alphabet, which he had been unable to do for many months.” — National Institutes of Health
  • ·  Eliminates Heart disease! “Critical for maintaining muscle and heart function” — Duke University Medical Center

Research Proven By Institutions Like:

And the list goes on! Diabetes, pain, obesity, asthma, inflammation all CURED in clinically documented studies… without drugs, and without side effects. Full story below…

The story you are about to hear threatens the very existence of Big Pharma…

It’s about a disease-fighting breakthrough so powerful it won TWO Nobel Prizes.

The discovery of a dormant “Second Immune System” inside your body…

That when reawakened has defeated all of the worst chronic diseases — I’m talking about cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and more — in major clinical trials.

It has ZERO side effects.

And is 100% free.

In other words, it’s Big Pharma’s worst nightmare! A drug-free cure for all disease that won’t cost you a dime. But you must act quickly.

Right now, they are waging a full-out war to keep this information off the public radar.

And I fully expect this message to be removed from the Internet in the next 24 hours. So please listen to this TRUE story while you still can.

It Begins With A Decades-Old

Medical Mystery…

You see, inside your body is a “Second Immune System.”

In clinical studies dating back to the 1950’s, scientists have documented its ability to spontaneously regrow diseased and dying organs — brain, stomach, kidney, lung, liver, prostate, skin, you name it.

It’s a discovery that led to the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1974.

But here’s the problem. It’s usually switched off. And nobody knew why it “turned on.”

Until now…

Now, a Japanese researcher has cracked the code… and… we now know how to unleash its full potential at will.

This monumental innovation earned him the Nobel Prize in 2016.

And it’s already making diseases that were once considered “untreatable” or even called “death sentences”… things of the past.

The 2016 Nobel Prize Assembly called it “A new paradigm in the understanding of cell physiology with major implications for human health and disease.”

UC Davis Dr. Valter Longo said in a CNN interview, “It turns on the body’s ability to renew itself. It can reprogram your body and put in on a path to live longer.”

And when Time magazine interviewed one of the most respected Alzheimer’s researchers on the planet — Dr. Mark Mattson, National Institute on Aging Lead Neuroscientist and Johns Hopkins professor — he said, “In all organ systems… there’s reduced inflammation. Brain neurons [become] resistant to the kind of damage associated with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even stroke.”

It doesn’t stop there.

Cancer. Heart disease. All simply disappear when your Second Immune System comes into play.

And the best part is…

  • You do NOT need drugs
  • You do NOT need a hospital or doctor’s visit
  • You do NOT need health insurance

And most amazing of all…

There are no supplements to take. And you do NOT need to change your diet or exercise AT ALL to access this cure.

I’ve seen more than 25,000 patients in my near 40-year career as a medical doctor. And I can say the following with 100% conviction:

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been suffering.
Or if you have a “family history” of disease.

This can work for you, too!

In the next few minutes, you’ll see the extensive scientific evidence — from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UC Davis and more — that shows it prevents, stops, and
REVERSES every single chronic disease it’s been tested against.

You’ll meet real people on the brink of death who’ve used it to cure Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and pain…  even chronic inflammation, obesity, asthma, and more.

Finally, I’ll show you how to get your hands on it… with step-by-step instructions… absolutely FREE.

You Will NOT Hear This Story Anywhere Else

Because right now mainstream medicine is trying to BURY this…

They want you to believe only drugs and surgery can treat disease.

Big Pharma sells $1.2 TRILLION dollars’ worth of drugs per year. And a free cure to all chronic disease would cost them a LOT of money.

So drug companies are doing everything in their power to keep this discovery a secret.

Big Pharma is trying to silence this cure because it will cost them a lot of money.

They‘re threatening to pull their multi-million dollar ad budget from media that publicize it…

They’re blacklisting doctors who prescribe it…

Colleagues have told me just sharing this information puts a target on my back. But — as a doctor — I took a sacred oath to fight disease. And I’ll do whatever I can to bring this new discovery to the public. No matter what the risk…

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My clinic in sunny South Florida

My name is Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

I first started using this therapy when I was still in training to become a medical doctor almost 40 years ago…

And have been using it ever since. At the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, I’ve seen its power to reverse nearly every chronic disease under the sun.

And you’ll meet some of my patients it’s cured in a moment.

But only now is modern research proving what I’ve seen firsthand for decades.

And here’s a mountain of evidence that has piled up showing this discovery has the potential to end all chronic disease…

  • “Protects against diabetes, cancers, heart disease and neurodegeneration.” — Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • · “It helps reduce obesity, hypertension, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.” —UC Davis
  • · “Induces the death of metastasizing (cancer) cells.”  — Harvard Medical School
  • · “Can ameliorate age-related impairments in learning and memory tasks.” — Neurobiology of Disease
  • · “Profoundly reduce pain sensitivity.” — Molecular Pain
  • · “Associated with lower diabetes prevalence.” — American Journal of Cardiology
  • · “A promising target for disease therapies [in] patients with cancer, neurodegeneration, or immune disorders.” — Oxford Medical School
  • · “Could reduce age-related chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease.” — American Journal of Cardiology
  • ·  “An important modulator in human pulmonary (lung) diseases.” — Yale University School of Medicine
  • ·  “Striking reduction in markers of oxidative stress (inflammation).” — Stanford University

And it does this without any side effects!

In all of my years in medicine, I’ve never seen anything this simple be so powerful.

Mind you, these aren’t quack scientists.

A mountain of research proves this has the potential to end all chronic disease

They’re studies from the most respected universities on the planet. Published in highly respected peer-reviewed medical journals.

All proving without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt what mainstream medicine says is “impossible.”

That you have the power to cure ALL chronic disease lying dormant inside you.

Starting with Alzheimer’s…

Case Study:

Advanced Alzheimer’s Reversed in 10 Weeks…

and Steady for Two Years!

T.P. suffered younger-onset advanced Alzheimer’s for 12 years.

A doctor’s report when he was 56 noted…

“severe memory loss, poor concentration and organization, misplacing important items, inability to carry out activities of daily living, and inability to spell and read.”

An accountant, he couldn’t do his job anymore. He quit driving too.

Two years later an MRI confirmed…

“severe right-sided atrophy of amygdala and hippocampus, consistent with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Then he enrolled in a Second Immune System clinical trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

Before starting treatment, he took a test of cognitive function called the Mini-Mental State Examination. And he scored abysmally low. Just 12 out of a maximum 30… indicating severe dementia.

But 10 weeks later, after using the Second Immune System therapy, he took the test again.

The results were astounding…

He scored 8 points HIGHER, for a score of 20.

Alzheimer’s patient scores usually decline. But T.P’s score jumped 8 points in 10 weeks using a Second Immune System Therapy.

That still put him in the “mild dementia” category. But to put this into perspective…

A typical Alzheimer’s patient has a score that DECLINES about two to four points each year.

But T.P.’s score JUMPED 8 POINTS in just 10 weeks!

With the researchers noting…

“Rapid improvement in T.P.’s personality, mood and tremor.”

T.P. kept with the program and continued stunning his doctors with “additional gradual improvement occurred in gait, social participation, word finding and recall of recent events.”

His Alzheimer’s Decline Didn’t Just Stop…

It Reversed!

And T.P. stayed practically cured of Alzheimer’s for two full years!

But this is where the story takes a dark turn…

A follow-up study put T.P. on an Alzheimer’s drug. And just one month later his Alzheimer’s symptoms immediately came back.

Researchers reported T.P.…

“Became increasingly depressed and [confused] he began wandering, lost interest in yard and house work, and required step-by-step instruction and considerable assistance to dress and complete hygiene-related tasks.”

In no uncertain terms…

Big Pharma’s Drug Make His Alzheimer’s Come Roaring Back!

Under medical supervision, T.P. went back on the Second Immune System therapy and his Alzheimer’s symptoms disappeared almost immediately.

And that’s not hype… the changes really did happen in the blink of an eye.

Researchers recorded video footage, and reported…

“Thirty minutes of video taken between 2 to 3 hours following the first dose of [the Second Immune System therapy] demonstrate a marked improvement in mood and the ability to recite and write out the complete alphabet, which he had been unable to do for many months.”

In other words…

The Second Immune System Treatment Cured His Alzheimer’s

a SECOND Time!

And he kept getting better with continued treatment. Here are observations taken directly from the study report:

“The next morning he spontaneously chose clothes and dressed himself — also a new development.”

“On third day he began to initiate and complete many other activities without prompting or assistance… included showering, shaving, brushing teeth, finding his way around the house, choosing and ordering food from a menu, and distributing utensils from the dishwasher. These activities had not been observed for months.”

The researchers wondered if T.P. could keep up this pace.

And he kept on getting better with continued treatment…

“Abstract thinking, insight, and a subtle sense of humor returned to his conversation. He stated that he felt “good”, had “more energy” and was “happier.” He also found it “easier to do things” — which coincided with the caregiver’s observations.”

But T.P. still wasn’t done.

A few weeks of continued treatment had him back to his old self…

“After six to eight weeks he began to exhibit improvement in memory retrieval, spontaneously discussing events that occurred up to a week earlier. He was again able to perform more complex tasks, such as vacuuming, washing dishes by hand, and yard work.”

Leading the researchers to conclude…

“[This Second Immune System Treatment] Is Robust, Convenient, And Safe.”

— National Institutes of Health

I hate to use the word miracle…

But my files are stuffed full of miraculous stories of healing just like this.

Documented in real studies and clinical trials, they show people who’ve suffered for YEARS… who’ve tried EVERYTHING, but NOTHING works… and then use this therapy and are CURED.

  • Like Ben… whose chronic arthritis pain VANISHED in 5 days.
  • Like Ozzy… whose diabetes REVERTED BACK TO NORMAL in 6 weeks.
  • Like N.B… whose 20-year battle with chronic disease ended after just 2 months.

Chronic fatigue… asthma… cholesterol… the list goes on. All living proof of what waking up your dormant Second Immune system could do for you.

And they experienced these life-altering results without side effects.

I’ll show you their true stories in a moment… and how you can get these results too from the comfort of your own home.

But first, let me answer something that you’re probably wondering…

What exactly is your

Second Immune System?

Why is it so powerful?

And how is the mainstream medical community keeping it under wraps?

This Disease-Fighting Breakthrough Scrubs Disease From INSIDE Your Body Like Soap Cleans The OUTSIDE

In 1974, a pair of molecular biologists won the first Nobel Prize based on this breakthrough.
They discovered your body has not one — but TWO — immune systems.

This Second Immune System usually lies dormant. But when active, the Nobel Prize committee reported it “counteracts cell injury and many diseases associated with aging.”

It’s different than your regular immune system. The main job of your regular immune system is to attack FOREIGN invaders. The “outside” threats that get in, like germs, bacteria, viruses, and other parasites…

Your Second Immune System has a different job. It attacks threats that originate from INSIDE you… that science is now proving lead to all chronic disease.

For example, most experts agree Alzheimer’s is the result of beta-amyloid plaque build-up in your brain.

In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association states: “Beta-amyloid plaques are prime suspects in cell death and tissue loss in the Alzheimer’s brain.”

What is a beta-amyloid?

“Amyloid” is the medical term for useless protein fragments that collect in certain parts of your body.

In other words, dead-weight.

Normally, your body clears them out. This is how you stay young.

But as we age, our bodies gradually lose this ability. And all this dead-weight piles up like trash bags on garbage day.

And as you’ve just seen, in the brain this dead-weight interferes with your healthy brain cells. When that occurs your brain slowly stops working.

But this happens EVERYWHERE… in every organ, in every joint, your muscles, your nerves, you name it… this dead weight piles up over time and gets in the way of healthy cells.

This is why you don’t heal as fast as when you are younger.

Or fight off sickness and disease.

And why you get sluggish.

In short, these Nobel Prize winners discovered the REAL CAUSE of chronic disease. The failure of your body to clear out dead-weight!

And they found your Second Immune System’s one and only job is to hunt down… mercilessly attack… and obliterate dead-weight that gets in the way. And as you saw earlier

When This Dead-Weight Is Removed…
The Healing Power Of Your Youth Returns…

And Chronic Disease Simply Can’t Exist!

It was indisputably the most important medical discovery of the 20th century.

But there was just one problem…

Like I mentioned, most of the time your Second Immune System lies dormant. And until recently, nobody knew how to wake it up.

Until now…

Now, another scientist has discovered how to awaken your Second Immune System at will. And it’s as simple, easy, and effortless as washing your hands.

It fights chronic disease two ways:

  • When activated your Second Immune System targets… hunts down… and attacks cells in your body that cause chronic disease, and then…
  • ·  Recycles them into energy healthy cells used to keep you healthy!

No other treatment in the world can do this.

Which is why this medical breakthrough won Yoshinori Ohsumi the Nobel Prize in 2016. And a mountain of peer-reviewed clinical studies prove it can give you a like-new brain, heart, lungs, joints, and virtually any organ.

Which means…

You Already Have The CURE For All Chronic Disease Inside You.

You Just Have To Turn It On.

Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi conducted a study proving just how important your second immune system is.

In it, pregnant mice were genetically engineered to give birth to babies that had no second immune system activity whatsoever.

The mice were born with major organs functioning almost 100% normal.

But it was all downhill from there…

All of the mice died within just one day of birth!

Leading the Nobel Prize assembly to conclude…

A Healthy Functioning Second Immune System “Is Recognized As A Fundamental Process In Cell Physiology With Major Implications For Human Health And Disease.”

— The Nobel Prize Assembly

But if an inactive Second Immune System caused immediate death, would “turning it on” fight disease?

You already saw the National Institutes of Health study where a Second Immune System therapy reversed advanced stage Alzheimer’s twice…

But your brain isn’t the only place where dead-weight leads to disease.

Which is why it’s also promising to put an end to the most deadly disease in the world:

Heart disease.

Heart Disease Risk Plummets 77%… With A SINGLE Treatment Per Month!

Research published in the American Journal of Cardiology revealed how activating your Second Immune System protects your heart.

A religious sect in Utah is encouraged to practice a Second Immune System activating therapy once per month.

So doctors there surveyed 200 people undergoing an angiograph (an X-ray of the blood vessels and heart chambers to determine if a person has coronary heart disease).

And the results were crystal clear…

Those who followed this religious advice had a 77% lower risk for coronary heart disease!

A follow-up study of 448 people confirmed those findings.

Leading the lead researchers to say:

“People Who [Engage Their Second Immune System] Routinely Have A Lower Prevalence Of Coronary Disease.”

— American Journal of Cardiology

Another study tested a Second Immune System therapy on 174 people with high blood pressure. And at the end of the 21 days study:

  • Almost 90% of participants lowered their blood pressure below the “high” threshold of 140/90mm Hg.
  • · With an average reduction in blood pressure of 37/13 mm Hg.
  • ·  And every single person taking anti-hypertensive medication was able to quit completely!

Duke University researchers wanted to know exactly how Second Immune System activation protected your heart.

So they performed autopsies on mice whose Second Immune System stopped working.

And it was crystal clear…

Their hearts were clogged with useless dead-weight that bogged down heart function.

Leading the researchers to conclude…

“[This Second Immune System Treatment Is] A Key Mechanism For Protecting Against Cellular Damage During Aging… Critical For Maintaining Muscle And Heart Function.”

— Duke University Medical Center

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve used Second Immune System activating therapies at my clinic for decades now.

And after years of testing, refining and perfecting, I’ve developed a small handful of unique protocols for removing the dead-weight that leads to each major ailment faced by my patients.

I’m talking about Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and chronic pain, obesity and inflammation.

Up until this point, the only way you could get your hands on one of these protocols was as a patient.

I don’t take insurance. So for many people that is a considerable expense. But that’s all changed…

Now, I’ve created a way for you to access these protocols to awaken your Second Immune System in the comfort of your own home — no drugs, doctors, change in diet or exercise required.

I’ll circle back to that in a moment. But first…

Why Is The Mainstream Medical Community So Tight-Lipped About This Breakthrough Cure?

Even with everything I’ve just shown you, including:

  • Two Nobel Prizes proving the Second Immune System is a groundbreaking therapy…
  • · Studies from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, UC Davis, Yale, and more…
  • ·  And case after case proving that it’s safe, side-effect free, and WORKS on Alzheimer’s, diabetes, chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, and more…

Anybody who even TALKS about this risks huge fines… a mountain of legal fees… and even jail time.

You see, the FDA has a rule called the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21.

And it states almost anything that “mitigates, treats, cures, or prevents” disease MUST be classified as a drug… and as such… falls under FDA’s stringent regulations.

So even if there are mountains of proof proving something works…

If you use words like CURE or PREVENT disease (like I have MANY times in this letter) — in the FDA’s eyes — you are breaking the law!

Unless you go through the FDA’s multi-million dollar approval process to get it classified as a drug.

But this therapy is free!

No One In Their Right Mind Is Going To Pay Millions Of Dollars To Push A FREE Therapy Through The FDA’s Approval Process

Which is why mainstream medicine writes it off every chance it gets! Just look:

On their website, the American Diabetes Association admits “There is good evidence [a Second Immune System treatment] may be useful in preventing type 2 diabetes” but says it “goes against the mainstream approach.”

The American Heart Association reports “studies have shown the benefit.” But then immediately backpedals and cautions against it until “further information is available”.

And after one Second Immune System treatment drew substantial media attention — the same treatment that cured T.P. of his Alzheimer’s TWICE — questions flooded into the Alzheimer’s Association about it…

But was quickly written off by a representative who said, “Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I personally suspect that it has little effect on Alzheimer’s symptoms but, to be fair, I haven’t had any family members, friends or clients who’ve tried it.”

Are these the kind of organizations you want to trust for medical advice?

Organizations that admit it works… but can’t endorse it because it goes against the mainstream?

Or worse…

Organizations that can’t even be bothered to “try out” breakthrough new cures?

And it’s not hard to see why.

If Second Immune System activation goes mainstream… drugs, surgeries, the whole medical establishment will become OBSOLETE.

Drug companies generate $1.2 trillion in revenue per year.

Money they won’t give up without a fight.

Second Immune System treatments threaten Big Pharma’s Obscene Profits

But I don’t answer to Big Pharma.

Which is why, in just a moment, I’ll share three simple ways to activate your Second Immune System that require:

  • No prescription
  • No drugs
  • No doctor’s visits
  • No hospital
  • No health insurance

And again, let me be clear…

You do NOT have to change your diet or exercise routine.

Of course you’ll see faster results if you add in exercise and make healthy changes to your diet.  It’s something I recommend to all my patients, and I’ll show you exactly how to do that if you choose to do so.

But again, it is NOT necessary to change your diet or exercise.

Now, let me show you what else flushing out the dead-weight can do for you.

Case Study:

Diabetes Disappears in 6 Weeks

A long-time diabetic, O.P.s fasting blood sugar level registered 9.0 mmol/l. That’s two full points ABOVE the threshold for diagnosing diabetes.

He took metformin. But that didn’t help.

That’s when he tried the Second Immune System therapy. And six weeks later he was a new man.

He’d lost 35 pounds. His fasting blood sugar level dropped to 5.5 mmol/l (considered normal). And his emphysema symptoms disappeared.

O.P. says…

“I Can Easily Manage A Daily 3 To 6 Mile Walk. I Cannot Believe What A Wonderful Difference This Has Made To My Life.”

— Former Diabetes Sufferer O.P

I successfully treat thousands of diabetics every year at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

That’s because Reawaken the Second Immune System solves the diabetes problem directly at the source: the pancreas.

You see, your pancreas makes insulin that keeps blood sugar in check. But in diabetics, the pancreas gets bogged down and either stops working… or doesn’t work as well.

For decades I’ve been helping my diabetic patients enjoy healthier blood sugar with a unique approach that’s completely contrary to conventional medical wisdom.

How? I simply rejuvenate their pancreas. You see, your pancreas makes insulin that keeps blood sugar in check. Get that back in working order, and you’ll experience great results.

Dr. Sears’ Diabetic Patients Speak Out…

Like Ted Halasatt, who writes,  “My blood sugar readings in the morning were in the 110-115 range”.

But then he followed my pancreas reviving advice for two months and reports, “my morning readings are 98-105 range. I have been feeling better and intend to start exercise.”

Then there’s Dee Bartholomew, who couldn’t stop gaining weight after surgery.

Her doctors didn’t know why. And no amount of dieting or exercise helped. Then her husband read an article I wrote about reviving the pancreas for weight loss, and reports Dee followed the advice and “she is losing about ½ a pound of body weight per day!”

Or take the case of 68- year old Caroline Lindsay, who stunned her doctors when she refused diabetes drugs. Instead, she opted to restore her pancreas and reports,

“I felt like the lights had come on in my body. No longer have extreme sugar spikes. I am not taking any prescription drugs and do not intend to.”

The success stories go on and on…

I’ll show you how to rejuvenate your pancreas in my new dossier: Reawaken Your Second Immune System

Researchers at UC Davis wanted to know if a Second Immune System treatment could breathe new life into a tired pancreas.

So in a recent study, they took mice bred to get diabetes, and activated their Second Immune System.

After Just 4 Days Their Pancreas Grew New Cells That Were Capable Of Producing Insulin Again!

But that’s not all…

After several cycles of The Second Immune System treatment the mice pancreas was nearly as good as new! And remember these were mice genetically engineered to get diabetes!

Which means your Second Immune System can save you even if you have a “family history” of disease.

And the benefits don’t stop at lab rats.

Early reports from a follow-up UC Davis trial are promising. After only a few months people who started the trial with high blood sugar are seeing big improvements. And best of all, with no harmful side effects whatsoever.

In Other Words, Mainstream Medicine Is WRONG!

You Can Reverse Diabetes.

You’ll get all of the details on this breakthrough new advance in medicine in my new dossier:

“Reawaken Your Second Immune System”

In it, you’ll find the exact protocols I’ve seen work wonders in my clinic.

Treatments that are simple… free to access… and do not require a prescription, doctor’s visits, or drugs.

But freedom from Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes just scratches the surfaces… It can also set you free from a condition that makes every second of every day a living nightmare: Chronic pain.

For example, here’s another case study where Chronic Arthritis Pain Disappears in 5 Days.

Case Study:

Chronic Arthritis Pain Gone in 5 Days

Ben M. suffered from a paralyzing nerve disorder.

When it first struck he said it felt like a “flamethrower directed at my arms.” The hospital gave him a shot of morphine. It did nothing. Neither did the second. Or third.

Only Dilaudid — at 10 times morphine’s strength — temporarily cooled the pain.

Doctor’s prescribed monster doses of steroids and anti-seizure medicines to blanket the suffering.

But crippling flare-ups still struck him out of the blue. And he still ended up with chronic pain… an arthritic knee, a constantly sore neck, and toes that felt stiff all the time.

Then, he checked into a clinic specializing in a Second Immune System therapy. And the results were incredible…

It made his pain go away almost in less than a week!

In just five days, he no longer needed to use the elevator in his apartment. Walking down the stairs no longer sent pain shooting through his knees and feet.

In Ben’s words…

“You get this feeling that something profoundly necessary is happening inside you. I’ve lost sixteen pounds, and a deep bend at the knees is surprisingly pain-free. My hands no longer ache. My skin is clear. The whites of my eyes look Photoshopped. My blood pressure, usually around 125/80, is now 95/69.”

How can the pain just go away so quick?

Eliminates What TIME magazine calls “The Secret Killer”

A cover story on Time magazine linked chronic inflammation to heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s, joint pain, and more.

They even said it “may be the engine that drives many of the most feared illnesses of middle and old age.”

Normally, inflammation is a lifesaver.

It attacks disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and any other foreign invaders infecting your body.

But here’s the problem.

After the threat is gone, your body is supposed to flush out whatever inflammation was created. But sometimes it doesn’t.

And when that happens, this lingering inflammation attacks your healthy tissues!

The result is your body turns on itself. More inflammation is released to control the damage. And more inflammation becomes trapped inside of you.

Earlier, I showed you how dead-weight leads to chronic disease.

But inflammation isn’t just dead-weight. It’s deadly!

In a nutshell, this chronic inflammation then runs rampant… eating away at your heart, brain, joints, and other organs… and you fall victim to heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other chronic disease.

Big Pharma wants you to believe their anti-inflammatory drugs are the answer…

But, in fact, they make everything worse! Let me explain…

Why Big Pharma Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Make


You see, synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs do NOTHING to flush excess inflammation from your body.

Instead, they stop the healing process altogether!

Take the popular anti-inflammatory drug, COX-2 inhibitors. As their name suggests, they “inhibit” the COX-2 enzyme. This enzyme tells your body to release inflammation.

Second Immune System Therapies Gobble Up Excess Inflammation

That’s why they stop pain.

But, remember, you need inflammation.

It’s what starts the healing process.

So by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme — these anti-inflammatory drugs shut off your body’s ability to heal itself!

No wonder COX-2 inhibitors don’t work.

That’s what makes your Second Immune System so much better.

It does NOT stop your body from creating inflammation. That would be stopping the healing process and lead to more disease.

Instead, it gobbles up the excess inflammation that causes damage!

Without getting in the way of your body’s natural and lifesaving inflammatory response.

Which makes it the world’s most powerful and safest inflammation destroying therapy ever developed.

Just look…

Up to 86.2% Less Inflammation

in Just 4 Weeks

How much inflammation can it get rid of?

Stanford University wanted to know how much.  So they rounded up people suffering from one of the worst chronic inflammation diseases — asthma.

You might not think asthma has anything to do with chronic disease. But asthma is a perfect test for the second immune system for a simple reason. People get asthma because inflammation is what swells airways… making it so hard to breathe.

So anything that makes it easier for asthmatics to breathe can reduce inflammation and have a profound effect on other chronic diseases.

In this study, they activated their second immune system… and just one month later the researchers were stunned, calling the results a “striking reduction in markers of oxidative stress.” The decrease in inflammation and oxidative stress were incredible. They recorded a:

  • 71% decrease of inflammatory marker TNF alpha
  • · 60% decrease of inflammatory marker BDNF
  • · 57.1% decrease of inflammatory marker ceramides
  • · 73.3% decrease of oxidative stress protein carbonyl
  • · 61.9% decrease of oxidative stress 8-isoprostanes
  • · 33.9% decrease of oxidative stress adducts of 4-hydroxynonenal
  • ·  86.2% decrease of oxidative stress nitrotyrosine

Those are HUGE reductions in inflammation.

But did it help their asthma symptoms?

You bet.

Participants reported breathing easier. In fact, lab tests showed they could take in 16.6% more oxygen.

And this extra oxygen gave them more energy… with their mood/energy scores jumping an impressive 21.1%.

It even worked better than asthma drugs!

In fact, according to surveys taken before and after the study, activating the second immune system improved their quality of life better than the leading asthma drug!

Leading the Stanford researchers to conclude…

“These Findings Demonstrate Rapid And Sustained Beneficial Effects Of [The Second Immune System] On The Underlying Disease Process.”

— Stanford University

Case Study:

Deadly Infection Defeated

(And a Lifetime of Asthma Gone in 2 months)

Take the case study of N.B. She suffered from asthma all her life. Then a fungus infected her lungs stealing what little breathe she had.

It was like an elephant sitting on her chest. Just standing up with make her dizzy. She couldn’t exercise. Her weight skyrocketed.

It lasted 2 years!

Antibiotics and steroids didn’t help. She said, “by the end of the long treatment plan I just wanted to curl up.”

At just 38 years old, she thought she was going to die!

That is, until she began a Second Immune System treatment at the end of October 2016.

Just two months later, her doctors were shocked.

Not only did the lung infection clear up…

But she reports her asthma “symptoms are more manageable than they have ever been since I was a teenager. And friends I haven’t seen since the summer have noticed the difference in my breathing.”

She has “a lot” more energy now. And urges everyone to “try to see if it helps with weight, allergies and even other health conditions.”

This has HUGE implications for almost every disease.

Take Alzheimer’s, for instance…

Harvard researchers called the inflammatory marker TNF- α “a potent inducer of neuronal death,” that is “linked to Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis.”

But the Stanford asthma study showed the Second Immune System Therapy reduced TNF-α by 71%!

Or how about cancer…

The National Cancer Institute found increased levels of plasma protein carbonyl in patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bladder cancer, and in children with various malignancies… and… reports women with the highest protein carbonyl have “a 60% increased risk of developing breast cancer.”

But the Stanford asthma study showed the Second Immune System Therapy reduced protein carbonyl by 73.3%!

Case Study:

Wife’s 28-Day Breast Cancer Cure Heals Husband’s Mystery Woes

In 1991, R.W.s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She turned to a Second Immune System therapy. And 28 days later her lumps were gone.

She was cancer free.

Fast forward to 2009 and R.W., age 59, is diagnosed with a constellation of health problems.

Doctors can’t pinpoint what’s wrong. They prescribe drugs — but the side effects just make his problems worse.

So he turns to the exact Second Immune System treatment that rid his wife of breast cancer.

Almost immediately his blood pressure drops down to normal. His sleep apnea clears up too, and he stops needing a C-PAP device at night. Then his lupus clears up.
Doctors still don’t know what made him sick in the first place.

But it doesn’t matter.

Now, just one single second immune system therapy per YEAR is enough to keep everything in check.

According to R.W. it is…

 “by far the most effective in the shortest possible time.”

Case Study:

Cholesterol Down as Man Escapes Disease that “Runs in the Family”

This is great news for people concerned about heart health AND diabetes too.

To illustrate why, consider the case of a man suffering from both.

O.P.’s dad had diabetes. Doctors said he’d likely inherit it “sooner or later.”

A checkup on August 2016 confirmed he had type 2 diabetes. And his cholesterol was a whopping 40% higher than it should.

He stunned his doctors when he refused drugs saying “I didn’t wanna be relying on medications for the rest of my life.”

Instead he opted for a Second Immune System treatment — and his doctors could barely believe the results.

He lost an incredible 60 pounds in two months!

His blood sugar and cholesterol levels plummeted, too. And in his words…

And in his words…

“I sleep better every night now and wake up feeling well-rested and with an abundance of energy. There are no longer aches and pains in my knees, no more gout symptoms, skin is clearing up, and no more bad food cravings.”

Are you starting to see why the Nobel Prize award committee called this disease-fighting breakthrough…

“A New Paradigm In The Understanding Of Cell Physiology With Major Implications For Human Health And Disease.”

— The 2016 Nobel Prize Award Committee

This just scratches the surface.

I could fill another 100 pages with studies, clinical trials, and case histories…

There is a mountain of evidence proving people with diseases once thought “incurable” could go back to living normal, productive lives…

Sometimes within HOURS of receiving this treatment.

They have energy again… can walk down stairs without pain again… breathe easy again…
And are free of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and almost every chronic disease you could ever worry about.

Without ANY side effects whatsoever.

Case Study:

2 ½ Years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome… Gone in 1 Week!

That’s what happened for T.M. Exhausted all the time, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2 ½ years ago.

A flare-up left her struggling to get up in the morning… with daily migraines… and crying in bed every single day.

Unsatisfied with previous medical options, she researched the internet and stumbled upon a Second Immune System treatment in an article.

And just one week later she reported:

“Feeling human again. 1 month down the line and I have been pain free in all that time, bounce out of bed in the morning ready to take on the day, am enjoying walking the dogs again and have so much more energy.

My skin looks better. I am sleeping better. Not once have i felt any hunger pangs. Migraines have stopped. A cough that I have had for nearly 6 months has cleared. I could go on!”

I think you get the point…

This is the biggest disease-fighting breakthrough of a lifetime.

Which is — as we speak — curing people of the WORST diseases of mankind.

But if Big Pharma has its way, this will NEVER see the light of day…

All in the name of protecting profits.

To me, this is downright unfair!

And that’s why I am making access to this remarkable disease-fighting breakthrough available to the general public.

Up until this point, I’ve only shared this cutting-edge research with patients who visit the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

And then, it can be quite expensive …

The “Rolls-Royce” option for treatment lasts 90 days… involves multiple office visits… ongoing bloodwork… with fees STARTING at $10,000.

It’s intensive.

It’s exclusive.

And very effective (as you’ve seen in this letter).

But not everyone can afford it.

And as a doctor whose mission it is to help as many people as possible, that kept me up at night.

I know in my heart-of-hearts this discovery is the best weapon against Big Pharma’s death grip on the American public.

So over the last 18 months I’ve been hard at work.

My goal was to make the Second Immune System therapy available to the masses. To help anyone with any chronic disease — Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, you name it — get their hands on this disease-fighting breakthrough.

Which is why I wrote my new dossier Reawaken Your Second Immune System.

And you can have a copy for FREE. And it’s not all I’m going to send you. Not by a long shot…

Peek Behind the Curtain and Witness a Hidden World of

“Confidential Cures”

When I’m not in my anti-aging clinic in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, I conduct a very different type of medical research.

I travel more than 20,000 miles every year to study healthy people around the world. I watch what they eat and how they live. I study what’s in their environment. And I meet with their doctors and healers.

In doing so, I tease out how they thrive while everyone else gets sick.

For example, I hiked to the top of the Peruvian Andes to find out why people living there had so much energy despite living at an altitude with so little oxygen.

I travel more than 20,000 miles every year to study healthy people around the world.

Their secret?

A plant containing the highest vegetarian source of heart and brain boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

And then there’s the time I traveled to India to study at the oldest existing school of Ayurvedic medicine.

And brought back potent herbs to treat heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Or when I spent three years traveling back and forth to Bali… and took so many notes on the vast healing secret hidden on the island I wrote a 324-page book detailing them all.

My point is:

No matter how you’re feeling right now; I’ve probably discovered natural and effective secrets for you to live better, and feel young.

Secrets far off the beaten path of mainstream medicine.

When I return with new research and forgotten treatments, and after they pass my rigorous testing standards…

I Share Them At Only Two Places

At medical conferences like the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, and the Age Management Medicine Group… so other doctors have the newest tools to treat sick patients.

And in the pages of my Confidential Cures newsletter.

This announcement is your invitation to join me on my travels… and… get a front-row seat to be the first to know about these newly discovered healing secrets.

As soon as you accept my invitation, I will rush you my newly published dossier Reawaken Your Second Immune System (a $29.95 value) absolutely free.

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My Personal, Unconditional 100% Money-Back

Satisfaction Guarantee

I take my responsibility as a doctor very seriously. And I want you to know I stand behind everything I do.

So you must be completely satisfied with the discoveries and breakthroughs you find in Reawaken Your Second Immune System and Confidential Cures.

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And if you’re like any of my current subscribers, I’m sure you’ll love every issue…

“Subscriber for 10 Years”

“I was able to get Confidential Cures 10 years ago from Dr. Sears and have read it every day for the last 10 years. As a heavy smoker in my early years from 20 to 40 and was having chest and breathing problems. I took his advice… rebuilt my lungs and chest… 

I am now 80 years old and I have as much or more energy as I had in my teens. Thanks Again Dr. Sears for keeping me Young and Healthy.” 

— Jon M.S.

“Helps Pilot Stay Mentally Sharp”

“Since starting my treatment with your practice I have noticed that my energy has significantly improved.

As a pilot, I don’t need as much recovery time when transitioning through different time zones and I noticed that I haven’t had a decline in any function of my body while flying long distances.”

— Karl T.

“Truckers Triglycerides Slashed in Half”

“I want to say how much I love the education I get from Dr. Sears. There is no one I trust more concerning health and nutrition

I am 41 years old and drive an 18 wheeler. Two years ago my triglycerides were at 312, which is at least double what they should be. Since following Dr. Sears advice, my triglycerides earlier this year were at an incredible 135. Thank you doc!”

— Peter

“Energy Back After Menopause”

“I came to Dr. Sears for menopausal problems. I felt like I had no energy. I felt out of balance. I was lacking something, but I didn’t know what. 

Dr. Sears took blood tests. We addressed it. I feel great, thank you. I have much more energy. I am happy to get out of bed and get going.”

— Sheila S., Lake Worth, FL

“Thicker Hair”

“My hair looks TWICE as thick as usual. Not only that, but my hair is shiny and looks like a teenager’s!”

— Jackie Silver, author of Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young after following Dr. Sears hair health advice

“60 Lbs Fat Gone. Cholesterol Down 100 Points”

“Following (Dr. Sears advice) I lost 60 lbs of fat and lowered my total cholesterol 100 points (305-204) without drugs, by eating my fill or foods I loved, and exercising less than 60 minutes per week. Seriously.”

— Bruce

“Wife’s Libido Returns”

“The main thing I have noticed is my energy. I think I exhaust my husband. 

I am nearly 70 but want to get out into the yard and DO things! Libido too, definitely increased, and from lack of interest, to ability to be turned on — no problem.”

— Rose

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Milo H., Patient

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So why are there laws in place preventing me from even talking about this breakthrough? It’s all revealed in The Outlawed Cure for All Disease, including how you can get your hands on this treatment today.

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Discover why inflammation is a much larger problem than you’ve been led to believe… and… the super nutrient that mobilizes your body’s secret store of inflammation extinguishing “protector cells”.

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Asia’s Wonder Spice

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The Journal of Drug Research and Development says it “lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels better than the statin drug Lipitor”. And the International Journal of Impotence Research says it “Could enhance erectile function (better) than Viagra.”

And it costs $1. And has no side effects. Find out in Asia’s Wonder Spice.

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Subscriber Saved

From Cancer Surgery

Like me, the vast majority of doctors simply want what’s best for their patients. But despite the best of intentions, doctors sometimes don’t have the information to KNOW what’s best for their patients, as the following case demonstrates…

“Confidential Cures has been a major reinforcement for me to follow a natural program to eliminate cancer.

At the end of 2013 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

The biopsy revealed cancer was through the entire left half of the prostate. 

The head surgeon at Australia’s major cancer institute recommended to have it cut out almost immediately. 

When I asked what the cause was they told me, “we don’t know” and “it’s related to lifestyle.” When I asked if I could fix it with diet and nutrition I was met with, “I don’t know of anyone who has done that.” 

I delayed the surgery and began hunting down resources. 5 months later a follow up biopsy revealed no cancer to be found. 

I made sure the team of doctors at the cancer institute monitored me throughout the journey and having the results I was sure they would adopt the practices, many that you have taught. To my surprise I was met with obstinance and no apparent desire to use a similar program or principles.

During the process I also lost a heap of excess weight, dramatically reduced arthritic pain, no longer have seem to get hay fever, and have way more energy!

That was 4 years ago.

Yes, cancer can be eliminated from your body naturally, and fantastic people like Dr. Sears are helping people do just that.
Thank you so much, Dr. Sears, for helping me get my life back!” — Ross E.

I hope you have gained some insight from this story.

Ross escaped surgery, beat cancer, and got back to enjoying life because of knowledge. Perhaps the information in Confidential Cures will help you live a longer and healthier life too.

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Al Sears, MD