44 – Dr Cowan – Vaccines – viruses + 5G

1 – Covid – Masks – Tests – Pandemic


2 – Hyppocratic Hyprocracy – Tale of 2 Snakes

Back in 1918, scientists thought that viruses caused disease, and they used a primitive vaccine to help prevent or treat influenza, they had no real antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections. The facts are –  disease causes the body to react and clean out the gunk, the poisons and toxins – this reaction is called a virus. How can that be contagious ? Then others claim that whobody owns the patent(s).  How can someone patent a bodily function ?

Now you know from the first video.  The hoax of a “contagious virus”



3 – The Coronavirus – 5G connection  3 mins 

Amazing that despite millions of deaths in 1918, 1968 and 1976 from severe colds or Flu, how come that all of a sudden, the problem went away. People who had a cold or Flu but did not accept any vaccine, spent some time in the sun and fresh air and stayed in bed a few days with Vit C and grandma’s chicken soup, then got up and went to work.  Go figure … will history repeat itself  despite the new factor – 5G ? Remember that 5G is a military weapon, designed to kill.



4 – Dr. Thomas Cowan – Update 2021

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