2023/08/11th  – Operation Child Rescue Unleashed

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1a – Biden, Pelosi, Harris arrests. Proof On Paper Of Arrests ???

1b – The man behind the “Biden Mask” who’s pulling the strings


 1c – Operation Child Rescue Unleashed – Military and Police White Hats Go Into Overdrive!


1d – Trafficking tunnel found in El Paso, De Soto hotel room  

2a – NY State Supreme Court reinstates all fired unvaccinated employees

NY State Supreme Court reinstates all fired unvaccinated employees, orders back pay, says the state violated rights, acted arbitrary & capricious, notes:“Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting Covid-19.”

This was ordered Oct 2022 now done


2b – Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to this..

 (STATE OF CONTROL ALERT MESSAGE 2023-2024) message strange truth world news current events august 2023 today this week this month motivation Step into a world of intrigue and hidden agendas as we dissect the fascinating history behind digital identity and its profound implications for our society. Join us on a journey that spans decades, from the enactment of pivotal acts in 1947 to the emergence of the clandestine CIA operations. Witness how these acts paved the way for covert funding of monumental projects, leading to a web of corporate-controlled technology.


2c – JFK Jnr + Q friends    

3a – Maui Wildfire Updates: Death Toll Rises

Laser like beam of light struck Maui, Hawaii just before the deadly fires consumed Lahaina

(Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) attack similar to what we witnessed in California, Victoria and NSW. Houses, cars and boats completely destroyed yet, trees untouched. Maui fire crews continue to battle three large wildfires–one in Lahaina, one in Pūlehu that has travelled down to Kīhei; and one in Kula, which has burned more than 1,000 acres since it was first reported early Tuesday morning. 


3b – Hawaii Fires are not wild fires

Hawaii fires…….a direct energy weapon assault on the people…… Next step…….. usher in harsh control tactics globally in the name of ‘climate change’    

4a – Qld Heath still sacking Nurses – despite the end of mandates 

4b – Everything is a Corporation – One big scam

4c – Alan Jones + Malcolm Roberts – The relentless attack

4d – CO2 – Fake Science – Wind Farm Fraud


5a – Freda Gomam  –  change your name

6 – What made Jesus (Yeshua) angry – Justified anger


7 – Bruce’s call 10 Aug

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