01 – Claims against Police Brutality and Terrorism

Claims against Police Brutality and Terrorism!

1 – From: Daniela Armani

Sent: Saturday, 30 October 2021 11:30 PM
To: Luke Moore <luke@isuepolice.com>
Subject: URGENT! Victim of Police Brutality and Terrorism!

Dear Luke,  I would like to speak to someone for help as I am a victim of police brutality and more. Here is briefly of what happened to me, I have been grossly victimized, I have been banned from the shopping centre and from Vinnies op shop for 2 years (in both places), violently pushed and arrested by Police thugs and they made false charges against me (harassment & intimidation) using downright lies, and for “not complying” with their silly COVID mandates for a fake virus, for a corrupt and criminal Government!  But basically I am targeted because of my “views” as they call me a “conspiracy theorist” and I pose a “threat” to society. 

So because of all this, the other day for the “crime” of “trespassing” unvaxxed and not wearing a mask at Vinnies, the police came to my house and, whilst on the phone with a friend (as a witness), with great force they smashed down my door and came up to my bedroom, put handcuffs on me and arrested me for the 2nd time! I am now on bail and signed everything they wanted, under duress, otherwise they would have locked me up and I couldn’t have that as I live alone and my house was left open with the door off its hinges!

These terrorists need to be charged and prosecuted! And I am seeking compensation for false arrests, physical and emotional damages, trauma, violation to my person and property, and terrorising me! The entire ordeal perpetrated on me was bad enough but all was further amplified by the attack on me in my own home, which was nothing short of an act of TERRORISM and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!  

The police thugs turned everything around making me look like a “criminal” and them the victims, stating that in the “course of duty” (bashing and smashing down my door!), they ran the risk of “injury” to themselves!

I am now on bail and must appear in Campbelltown Court on 8 November but I want to put in a counter lawsuit of my own seeking compensation for damages.  Therefore, I would really like to talk to someone about this matter and also make an appointment to see you, thank you. I look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,  Daniela  Tel: (02) 9605 3835

Skype: ladyamazon2


Reply from Luke

On Sat, Oct 30, 2021 at 11:41 PM Luke Moore <luke@isuepolice.com> wrote:

Hi Daniela,  Thank you for getting in touch. What they did to you sounds truly terrifying and we can certainly investigate making a claim for compensation on your behalf. But first we will need to deal with your criminal matter. Have you got time to speak about this via phone on Monday? I see you have provided a home number, do you also have a mobile?

Thank you,   Luke Brett Moore,




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Reply from Daniela

Hello Luke,   Thank you SO MUCH for getting in touch with me so soon!  No, I do not have a mobile and yes I would really appreciate talking with you on Monday, just give me a time, Thank you again so very much 🙂

Sincerely,   Daniela


2 – From Peter Mellander.

Hi Luke and Team,

I am a new contact to you. I have read your website inviting new cases for appraisal.

On January 6, 2021 I was the second person in NSW to be arrested for not wearing face mask (kudos to the first person).

Since January 6, 2021 I did serve onto The CHIEF INSPECTOR NSW POLICE FORCE BLACKTOWN as series of Affidavits which remain unrebutted or any point therein. Please see attachments.
I have included WORD version (only) herewith for expediency of transmission.
I did serve on The CHIEF INSPECTOR certified copies of each Affidavit which did include post stamp cancelled with my autograph and dated on top right hand corner for the first page of each Affidavit.

On May 7, 2021 I did serve by registered post Statement of Claim onto the DISTRICT COURT PARRAMATTA NSW which did include correct form and correct fee by cheque.
I did not receive case number, or any confirmation of hearing, nor was payment accepted,
Absolute silence from the court and all party’s involved.

Due to non payment of the fine the matter did result in the suspension and subsequent loss of my driver licence which is substantially impacting my small business.

Due to non payment of the fine the matter did result in the cancellation of registration of my motor vehicles which is substantially impacting my small business.

Please make special note the arresting officer was The CHIEF INSPECTOR of the HIGHWAY PATROL HUNTINGWOOD NSW.

The arresting officer did literally drag me out of the BUNNINGS store where I was under the protection of BUNNINGS and their public insurance policy then proceeded to arrest me and strip search me just outside the busy main front entrance.

I declined to talk to The CHIEF INSPECTOR by claiming protection under the Magna Carta 1215/1297 and the PRIVACY ACT 1988/AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY PRINCIPLES Section 2.4 which states I do not have requirement to identify myself to any government agent. My silence appeared to me to upset The CHIEF INSPECTOR a great deal.

The saga including a second strip search continued (still just outside the front entrance of BUNNINGS) soon after when the paddy wagon arrived to cart me off to BLACKTOWN POLICE STATION.

Please make special note at no time did any of the five police involved ask why I did decline to wear face mask or if I did have exemption not to wear face mask.

I have a long term irreversible lung and breathing condition related to long term exposure to industrial/workplace gas and dust exposure requiring use of inhaler nebuliser.
The condition is exacerbated by wearing any form of face mask covering my nose and or mouth.

Would this be a case you would consider running?

I have a second much larger case from October 2019 where BLACKTOWN POLICE did cut lock (front gate) without search warrant to force entry onto my private inclosed land acting on alleged claim and after I did make special effort to politely speak with police to explain my interpretation of the circumstances at hand. At face level directly in front of the police was a ‘No Trespass’ sign which the police scoffed at and totally disregarded.
I did uplift this case from LOCAL COURT NSW BLACKTOWN under Notice of Appeal onto the DISTRICT COURT PARRAMATTA NSW which has also met with total silence since February 2021.

Your website is correct. The police are out of control and appear to be answerable to no law.

Peter Mellander.