07 – What if a Business or Dept denies you entry for any reason

So a business denies you entry cos you are not vaxxed ?   

I just reported Vinnies to the GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORUM.  YOU can do the same to whomever discriminates against the unvaxxed.


Report A Business Here That Is Banning The Unvaccinated. They Will Be Issued A Legal Warning Letter , And Given 7 Days To Reverse Their Decision Or Face Legal Class Actions, And Publicly Be Added To A Register To Be Named And Shamed.

Thank you for reporting to us.
They will be sent this email as a warning.
Dear  Patricia
Warning – Legal Action Pending against you personally and your business.
Your business has been reported for discrimination against the unvaccinated.

To whom it may concern
Your business has been reported to the Global Economic Forum, as actively supporting the Covid fraud, and insisting individuals must partake in a rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine and participate in this Global Medical Experiment to enter your business or to use your services.

The Global Economic Forum is an NGO, which was founded by the people for the people. A not for profit foundation, to compete against the corrupted World Economic Forum, that’s pushing the deadly and dangerous totalitarian “Great Reset“ by pushing the Covid fraud and its deadly agendas.

The Global Economic Forum supports the “Great Awakening“ not the “Great Reset“ and aims to empower a whole new world initiative of businesses and ecosystems for those entrepreneurs and global citizens that refuse to accept or participate in the Covid fraud.

It will support new institutions and new opportunities and new systems to support a new world initiative, for the people, by the people.

This is a warning letter only.
If you confirm back to the Head Of Compliance vhf Department, within 21 days, that you will cease this practise of discrimination, and abuse of human rights, and civil liberties, then you will avoid the following.

Potential Class action against your business, and also Senior Executives, and the Owners, within the business.

You will also avoid being added to a public, naming and shaming list, and a concerted campaign to have consumers ban your business, and switch their spending to alternatives.

We reserve the right to report you to the Human Rights Commission as well.

Also under the work practices act, as an employer, you are required to provide a safe working environment for your employees and customers.

As those vaccinated by the experimental drug, can cause injury and death to other’s by shedding the spike proteins, to innocent people around them, then by allowing vaccinated employees, or customers, into your business, you can also be pursued legally.

You should seek independent legal advice on your current practices.

Note, at this time, this is a warning notice only.

If you fail to respond with a confirmation of non discrimination against the unvaccinated, and failure to provide a safe working environment, then you will be added to a class action, and a public naming and shaming campaign, without further notice.

Yours Sincerely
Compliance Department
Global Economic Forum



Part 2 

Legal Action Pending To Patricia MONTESINI & All Vinnies Stores

Dear Sir/Madam,

ATT:  Patricia MONTESINI – VINNIES, Macquarie Fields (NSW) Shop

I have reported all Vinnies stores, specifically the abovementioned, Ms Montesini, to the Global Economic Forum for discrimination against the unvaxxed, this woman called the police and they bashed down my door and arrested me! I have committed NO crime but this attack by the police is not only criminal but an act of TERRORISM and they will be dealt with as such. 

As for you, VINNIES and all the Managers, staff and volunteers (Australia wide), you will also be dealt with (along with any/all other businesses) that are aiding and abetting and are COMPLICIT with this CRIMINALITY, COVID fraud and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Therefore, to whomever is reading this email, it is now imperative that you distribute the GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORUM (Warning – Legal Action Pending against you personally and your business) letter to all your Vinnies stores and MAKE SURE you SPECIFICALLY send it to PATRICIA MONTESINI at the MACQUARIE FIELDS (NSW) store, the perpetrator/accomplice that made her despicable Statement to the Police whom then came to my house and SMASHED DOWN MY DOOR & ARRESTED ME!  And know that this is ONLY the BEGINNING!  As now, GROSS CRIMINAL CONDUCT and an act of TERRORISM has been COMMITTED!!!

I trust you will promptly forward this email and the letter from the Global Economic Forum to Ms. Montesini at your earliest convenience.

Anonymous (Patricia will know)

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