01 – How can we see the same stars every night ??

The Luminaries of Heaven

Enoch  This ancient book is revered by some, despised and rejected by others. Those who reject are most certainly those who have never bothered to read it, but choose to follow  the hearsay and  disinformation by those who have the most to lose if its contents were known.  Yeshua and the Apostles quoted from it.  Enoch’s prophesies are for our end times.

One of the scrolls which the Father preserved for us in these times.


Enoch Chapter 72 – The Luminaries of Heaven

72:1 The Book of the Itinerary of the Luminaries of Heaven: the position of each and every one, in respect to their ranks, in respect to their authorities, and in respect to their seasons; each one according to their names and their places of origin and according to their months, which Uriel, the kodesh malak who was with me, and who also is their guide, showed me -just as he showed me all their treatises and the nature of the years of the world unto eternity, till the new creation which abides forever is created.

72:2 This is the first commandment of the luminaries: The sun is a luminary whose egress is an opening of heaven, which is located in the direction of the east, and whose ingress is another opening of heaven, located in the west.

72:3 I saw six openings through which the sun rises and six openings through which it sets. The moon also rises and sets through the same openings, and they are guided by the stars; together with those whom they lead, they are six in the east and six; in the west heaven. All of them, are arranged one after another in a constant order. There are many windows both to the left and the right of these openings.

72:4 First, there goes out the great light whose name is the sun; its roundness is like the roundness of the sky; and it is totally filled with light and heat.

From 72:5 to 72:34 Enoch explains how the seasons and the length of years, months and days are defined by the Great Luminaries according to God.

72:35 Thus this is the order for the course of the movement and the settlement of the sun -that great luminary which is called the sun, for the duration of the years of the universe -in respect to its going in and coming out.

72:36 It is that very luminary which manifests itself in its appearance as YAHWEH has commanded that it shall come out and go in, in this manner.

72:37 And neither does it diminish in respect to its brightness nor take rest but continue to run day and night. As for the intensity of its light, it is sevenfold brighter than that of the moon; nevertheless, the sun and the moon are equal in regard to their respective sizes.

sun moon

73:1  After I saw this set of regulations for the sun I saw another set of regulations concerning the minor luminary whose name is moon.

73:2 Its roundness is like the roundness of the sky, and the wind drives the chariot on which it rides; and it is given light in varying measure.

73:3 It’s coming out and its going in change every month. It’s days are like the days of the sun; and when its light becomes evenly distributed then it amounts to one seventh of the light of the sun.

moon 1

73:4 It the moon rises in this manner: Its head faces the easterly direction, coming out on the thirtieth day, on that day, that is, on the thirtieth day, it comes into existence, and it appears with the sun in the gate through which the sun exits; and you have the beginning of the month.

73:5 Considering half of it to be divisible into seven parts, the whole disk of it is without light, with the exception of one-seventh part of the fourteenth part of the light of the sun, one seventh of its half light.

73:6 On the day when it receives one-seventh part of its one half, as the sun sets, it becomes equivalent to one-seventh light of one half of it.

73:7 Then when the sun rises, the moon rises together with it, taking a portion of one half of its light; that night the moon, just beginning its monthly journey on its first lunar day, sets with the sun and becomes dark, in respect to its thirteen parts that night. On that day it rises and shines with exactly one-seventh part of its semicircle.

73:8  Then it comes out and recedes toward the east away from where the sun rises, continuing to be brighter in one sixth of one seventh of one half of the light of the sun during the remaining days.


Then, Enoch goes on describing:

  • The Sun Moon Relationship in Days, Months and Years 74:1 to 74:6

  • The Three Hundred and Sixty Four Fixed Stations of the Cosmos 75:1 to 75:9

  • The twelve winds and their gates 76:1 to 76:14  Thus the twelve openings of the four heavenly directions are completed; all their orders, all their evil effects, and all their beneficial effects have I revealed to you, O my son, Methuselah!

  • The four directions, the seven mountains, and the seven rivers 77:1 to 77:9

  • Names of the sun and the moon; waxing and waning of the moon 78:1 to 78:17

  • Conclusion of the vision of astronomical laws 79:1 “Now, my son, I have revealed to you everything; the rules concerning all the stars of heaven are concluded here.” to 79:6

When speaking of the Luminaries, the Stars and other celestial bodies, Enoch refers to them as living entities that follow Gods orders. See the whole book video below.

Consider this  – We a told that the Earth is a ball which takes one year to circle the sun … Right ??  So how come in January, we can see the stars (coloured red for indentification purposes here) to the right while we stand in the darkness. There is no way we can see any other stars while the Earth and the Sun prevents us from seeing the green stars.   Yet 6 months later, we are told that the Earth has allegedly moved to the other side and we can see the green stars,  but of course we cannot see the red stars.  Yet, mankind has observed the same stars moving across the sky every night for thousands of years ??   What we have been taught since the early 1600s cannot be correct, the Earth cannot be a ball spinning around the Sun in a vast Godless Universe.

This drawing represents what we are supposed to believe

see stars 2

No one knows yet the true shape nor the extent of Creation, but I am sure it is being revealed as stated in Daniel 12.4 … or it is already known to secret societies as shown on the UN Logo.

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