09 – Lots of Wins

Many many folks are struggling financially to make ends meet, the challenges being exacerbated by the ever increasing pirates – police on the roads who are increasing pulling people over without a cause of action (called “reasonable cause”), this being completely illegal but tolerated by the judiciary & political hierarchy so as to fill the judicial & police coffers.
Folks, its TIME to STEP UP & stop the plunder & piracy by the corporate pirates, including the judiciary & police.
For this reason, the attached file has been emailed to you as proof of our evolving but successful process to have charges DISMISSED OR WITHDRAWN.
If one follows the process TO THE LETTER the charges are being withdrawn/dismissed/discharged prior to or in court!. The attached successes we have been involved with but there are likely others that have also succeeded but these have not been disclosed to us.
As a rule we don’t assist with quasi – criminal (bollocks – is actually commercial) matters, being there are larger issues to deal with but because of the huge increase in assaults by the police against the people & ever increasing numbers of infringements, we have elected to make a stand.
Today, ANYONE & EVERYONE can win the quasi criminal (traffic) case as long as there is NO VICTIM, ie a living soul.
If you are looking for a SIMPLE, QUICK & INEXPENSIVE process to discharge traffic, obstruction, false or fabricated charges, then go to the website
& obtain the docs with accompanying instructions & go after your win.

NOTICE: A word of caution. The process is infallible. People are not.

If the charges aren’t withdrawn prior to a legal proceeding then

1. You MUST rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, (ARE YOU GETTING IT?) the script to the letter & have the backbone to adhere to it, even under abuse & threats with menace (Contempt Charge) from the Magistrate. Such threats are ONLY a test. Sadly 90% of folks capitulate there! However, if you can persist & call the Magistrate’s bluff (response to a contempt offer is “My apologies Sir if I’ve upset the Court. Tell me what I did wrong & I won’t do it again OR WERE YOU THREATENING ME? “. That will shut the Magistrate up)

See some of the Court wins below

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