03 – An Oddity in the Dept of Justice & Attorney General?

Note : This info is (was) all in the public domain

An ASIC search of the corporate identity known as the Queensland DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE & ATTORNEY GENERAL (ABN 13 846 673 994) raises some questions…

An extract from the search:

The various sub-departments (including SPER) are listed on this ASIC search


As of 12.00 noon Wednesday, 8th May 2013, the following information was available from ASIC (extract shown below)


12 Randall Street - Google MapsRecently established in 2009, Mina Collection specialises in manufacturing wholesale clothing. We accept and carry out orders ranging from uniforms, wedding outfits, Muslim clothing, sporting wear and clothing of all varieties. Covering a broad spectrum of apparel and design options, we strive to deliver the needs of any customer and endeavor to deliver to satisfaction. (From their Facebook page)

wpfc469276_06What is at 2/12 Randall St, Slacks Creek?
Nothing less than the Principal Place of Business for the Attorney General’s department’s very own Asian style clothing wholesaler/retailer.

What is the address for service of
documents for this business?

A private home at 12 Carl Pl, Kuraby, Qld.

Why does the Attorney General’s department own the business name of a clothing wholesaler/retailer?

Could it be that Mina Collection, a State Government Entity, has other places of business and carries on other types of business under the cover of this simple business name? If so, WHY the subterfuge?

As of 4.00pm Wednesday, 8th May 2013, the above information regarding Mina Collection was cancelled and removed from the ASIC search results for the department (extract shown below)


It’s a damning indictment against coincidence, that when interest is generated in the registered business name on the ASIC website, the name is suddenly cancelled. Why would the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE & ATTORNEY-GENERAL cancel this business name precipitately?

The historical ASIC information for Mina Collections resides at:


The Mina and Red Star Corporations

Is it a coincidence that the name Mina is used by a global concern, registered in Gibralta for privacy reasons, the Mina Corporation? This ultra-secretive corporation operates in concert with another entity called Red Star, to supply fuel to geographically and politically difficult-to-access locations around the world. These corporations come to notice because they are currently under investigation by a US government House Oversight Committee for possible corrupt activities in the supply of billions of dollars worth of military fuels to the American air base in Kyrgyzstan. Read The Washington Post article by Jeff Stein.

These cashed-up corporations also indulge in a wide variety of other businesses, preferring to deal with government bodies around the world, often offering services in financial areas of interest.

Such a large organisation would surely be protective of its name.

A question then, is why would an Australian State Government Entity choose such a name for an obviously unusual government enterprise in the way of a wholesale/retail clothing store, then cancel the name at a moment’s notice, just as it seemed that people would question it?