05 – Wins in Court 1 – Wins in Court (Testimonial Letter 1)

Debt Collection Agency Win

Hi Larry, 2 March 2012

I thought I would give you some thanks for your inspiration over the last 12 months. Reading your web content has changed my life.

My wife Gina and I had a great result this week with a debt collection agency.

Some time ago, my wife had a phone account with a small telco’ called m8 Telecom. They made mistakes on her “bill” almost every month. She would call them and ask them to rectify the “bill” and they duly did so. Then one month they refused to change the “bill” telling her to pay it and they would then credit her for any mistakes.

Gina refused, saying she would pay upon presentation of a correct “bill”.

In early January this year she received a letter from Commercial Credit Control claiming to be acting as agent for m8 Telecom with all of the usual demands and threats in it. So we thought it a good opportunity to write them some letters.

In a nutshell, we sent them a conditional acceptance letter (and a fee schedule) asking for verification of a number of points. We gave them 10 days to respond, and didn’t get it. So we sent them a 2nd letter confirming our tacit agreement and an invoice for breaking our agreement ($3,155.00).

This week we received a letter from CCC saying that their client had instructed them to notify us that the account had been settled in full and confirmation of credit default removal from Gina’s credit report would be forwarded in 5 days time.

GOD bless you Larry.

Adam Morley

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Larry’s Comment:

This lady, Gina Landseer-Thomson, has done a beautiful job. Note that Gina included her Fee Schedule with her very first reply. Also, when you (the reader) talk about Court and Common Law, make sure that you understand that it’s a “COURT of the CROWN with the current holder HER MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY and the COMMON LAW OF ENGLAND held in THE JUDICIARY ACT (Clth) 1903” Most people do not know that they changed our Common Law of England to their Common Law in Australia where we the people have NO rights.

Definition Majesty = Royal Power Click here

Note the brilliant use of the word “interloper” referring to the “debt collector” being COMMERCIAL CREDIT CONTROL Pty Ltd (ACN 072640601)

Definition Interloper = a person who interferes in another;s affairs, an intruder.
That puts them under the Criminal Code 1899 section 514 PERSONATION.

Personation. in General.
Sec 514. Any person who, with intent to defraud any person, falsely represents himself to be some other person, living or dead, is guilty of an offence which, unless otherwise stated, is a misdemeanor ; and he is liable to imprisonment with hard labour for three years. If the representation is that the offender is a person entitled by will or operation of law to any specific property, and he commits the offence with intent to obtain such property or possession thereof, he is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment with hard labour for fourteen years.