16 – Admiralty Law, UCC Law. Maritime Law

1 – Maritime Law explained in simple Language



2 – The origins of Admiralty Law of the Holy See (Sea)

and how it controls Governments, Churches

and the Judiciary – world wide.


Remember, this is all a massive bluff, to keep you in slavery – not with whips and chains, but via a massive deception about so called money.  see    https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/the-earth-plus-5/


3 – Dear Romley … I was born 1944,  my Birth Certificate is hand written.  My parents named me John Henry which is written as John Henry in 1 column. It is hand written and is not JOHN HENRY.

My parent’s names are in 2 other columns.

Father has 2 names plus his family name, Smith. Mother has 2 names plus her maiden family name, Jones. Their dates of birth are also shown. 

The State Department would not give me my Cert of Live Birth, saying it does not exist.  I cannot ask Mum and Dad my real birth date – both are gone

What think ye ?

Reply …………………………………

Dear John Henry  

Re: your question:

Principle of the Birth Certificate and the Counterfeit International Government:

The real date of birth or date of registration, should appear on your state birth certificate or even the certificate you have.

They will tell you, you can’t have the Certificate of Birth or Live Birth Certificate, but just as my friend Bert, tried to apply for his, he went back and sent them a notice to show cause why such information was being withheld.

The court begrudgingly gave him his Certificate of Birth, (which didn’t exist). However, he made sure he presented no proof of identification to the State, meaning, he did not identify himself as the surname and born date as the date of birth. He gave: Christian name only, date of registration for birth date and number in registry, all information appearing on the State Birth Certificate. 

The moment you identify yourself as a state citizen by claiming your surname and born date as your birth date, you cannot expect the registrar general to give you access to a certificate that you have not correctly identified. The lunatics will not be allowed to hold the correct certificate if they don’t know the name and date of birth of it.

Remember the maxim in relation to name: “If you know not the name of the thing, the thing itself is surely lost”

The correct CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH, (still a fraud) sets up the Registrar General as the first trustee, meaning you were the principle all along, a bit like the  Mabo case where WHITLAM needed Eddie Mabo to accept the legal title (Flash name: “Native title”) in order to confirm that the Government had the right to grant the equity to themselves.

If Eddie had not accepted the legal native title, WHITLAM would not have had the ability to grant legal title of land to Eddie that WHITLAM did not own. The one who grants the legal title must have been the principle in the first place and that is why WHITLAM needed Eddie to accept the Legal Title, in order to confirm the equity was with WHITLAM by the consent of Eddie’s acceptance of holding the legal title, this is also where God said, man has become like one of us, because we granted the equity of Eden, to the Snake as first trustee, rendering us, man, as the God-master of the Vatican. The trick is that the Vatican granted the legal title back to lunatic man, rendering the Vatican like a God but in reality, the Vatican has become the third party, the loss of all rights, and to get any rights back, the Vatican must deceive man into accepting the legal titles of the Eden, thus the Vatican’s titles are counterfeit.

Lunatic-man, is just a man who is illiterate and can’t see the fraud on the document and “assumes” such a document is real… the Lunatic man follows the maxim: “Let those that let themselves be deceived, be deceived” 

Your State BIRTH Certificate is the same system as the Eddie Mabo case, where we were granted legal title and our acceptance of such a title (State BIRTH Certificate), hands the equity over to the State, The Live Birth Certificate was the first legal title grant granting the legal title to the STATE, giving you conformation of your right and confirmation to the equity (Birthright, Genesis1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Then (the switch, or conversion) the STATE “Offers” the legal title back to the one that holds the equity (Birthright to the land) and the moment the lunatic-man accepts the legal title, the equity is assumed to be with the STATE. Equity is just power of direction, or full control over the estate. And what is the estate ? it is  your share of the land you were born on, your share of the mineral and energy wealth mined on such lands, your power of direction over such wealth generated from your birthright lands you were born on.

Of course, this is done while we are only weeks old, and our mother and father were deceived the same way, causing no one to know any better. The Vatican is the Snake in the Garden and it has finally created a world of lunatic-men, all deceived together apart from a small few that have either been told or even less that have worked it out..

So the reason why the STATE never wants you to know about the other certificate is because such a certificate gives evidence that THEY accepted to be the first trustee!!!! and once you know who you are, you hold the highest rank within the trust setup. (They don’t want that known)

We don’t have to take it back, but if they don’t hand back the equity in an official way, they are bound to follow your “instructions” and in Court, the magistrate is the agent for the Registrar General, meaning, you instruct the registrar general and the Magistrate is bound to uphold your instruction (Order) 

You cannot talk directly to the agencies of the first trustee, such as government ministers or governor generals or the high court, only the registrar general and all your instructions go through him, he is the attorney for the principle, that is you. 

You see why the government hate people like me and why I received the death threats and why when Paul Richardson, the lawyer for the court, received threats when he took on the Ergon Energy debt recovery case over a matter I won in 2008, that has never been settled.

Ergon Energy and the court representative for Ergon Energy, lost the case over the construction of the language on the envelope, the question was; Why is the writing appearing in all uppercase text, what styles manual was used in the construction of the Ergon Energy bills and accounts, and who was the copyright holder of the name that appeared in all uppercase text on the bill. (When you notice your name as just “John Henry” on your birth certificate, than who is: “John Henry Doe”???? … because there is no evidence that “John Henry Doe” is you, but that is the name you give to the State if they ask you for your name!!! … In reality, John Henry Doe, was “birthed” on the registration date and was set up as the trustee of the registrar general and the moment you claim that name as your name but give the born date as the date of birth, your John Henry Doe” becomes the trustee of the registrar general’s “John Henry Doe” that was birthed on the registration date. Now you see the complexity of the scam!… (Bankers Scam) 

Re: Ergon Energy: Because Ergon Energy refused to respond to the questions, it left Magistrate McFadden in a bind and then he had to rule in favour of the Compensation Damage charge of 850,000 dollars per year per account yearly compensation charge (Dating back to 2008) in order to accept the fraud on the document if no answer was given in relation to the grammatical construct of their documents under question. Most lunatic men can’t see the fraud and “accept” it as truth, they assume, like the signature on the Fluoride letter so called signed by Anna Bligh, no it was not signed! but the document gave the Lunatic-man the presumption that it was signed because it had an autograph … (But no full name!)

The question was simple, was Ergon Energy a counterfeit? 

The same happened to the Cairns Regional Council, I questioned the Rates and Water notice in relation to its grammatical standing, when the council refused to answer, (An Estoppel arises) the compensation must be settled for the silence of the council to remain, and when the compensation is not settled, silence on their fraud does not have to be complied with. 

When the council threatened me with taking my home from me after not paying rates and water for 3 years, I settled the bill under duress but then sent them the compensation trustee account for being forced to hold their account as trustee when my CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH clearly states that the CAIRNS REGIONAL COUNCIL is the trustee! and all I did was charge them the trustee compensation charge to accept to act as their trustee. All these letters were filed with the court and sent to the registrar general and a copy to the CAIRNS REGIONAL COUNCIL via Registered Mail, and the council even asked me what to do with the 5 million dollar debt!, because it was separate from the rates notice. It was a charge for acting as trustee for the STATE. The bill was in the name: “ROMLEY STEWART” not any surname rendering the charge to go to the registrar general as trustee of the estate. 

Paul Richardson, the lawyer that wanted to take on the Ergon Energy debt recovery, received death threats to not get involved with the Ergon Energy debt recovery case, 27 days after the threats, he was dead. He was not even 50 … When I went to the Cairns Police to report that he had received death threats 27 days earlier, the police refused to take a statement and told me to get out of the station. Police are well aware of who I am, they just lost their terrorism related case against me even after I pleaded guilty to everything, but I charged them the compensation for acting as their trustee. 

We have criminals in government, it’s not even a government! … It’s a private foreign trust for the mafia, it is not government as we know it.  

Another great clue is to search or define and search the word “international” and see the four companies that were the first “internationals” in the world, and things will fall into place in relation to just what the international bankers are all about, it is communism and plunder of the national lands of the world, shipping wealth into “offshore” international accounts.

If you become a citizen to any international, such as the USSEC or use the US FEDERAL RESERVE notes, you become a trustee to an international, and you legally lose your right to your own lands. That’s what internationals are all about, they are pirates! and if you are with them, God help you if you ever set foot on land!   Pirates are the enemy of the people.

Regarding the Anna Bligh letter on   


Anna Bligh is not her legal name, “Anna Maria Bligh” is her legal name and her lawful name is “Anna Maria” 

The Illiterate will believe the statement and all the so called witnesses that are also unidentifiable in a legal sense because their legal names are also not appearing on the page.

That’s what gone wrong with our society, where as my mum and dad would never have accepted such documents without correct signatures, we just accept it on the “presumption” its correct because we no longer possess the ability to know if the document is grammatically correct. 

Even the Governor-General should appear in relation to their own style manual as: “governor general”  … Governor-General is a total grammatical stuff up, it is impossible !!! but the best of the best will accept it!!! … 

People have become so illiterate that they are being deceived left right and centre.