40c – Fiona – Pedos in Australian Govt. and Royalty

1 – Fiona Barnett story

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Fiona Barnett blog page  https://fionabarnett.org/2021/08/

2 – VIP Pedos in Australia

Sadly, people who have never heard of this or find it too much to even imagine, will dismiss it all with a shrug, or even an expleteive … they simply don’t wanna know.  Might stretch their comfort zone.  So be it, You can call anyone investigating this subject  a Conspiracy Theorist  if you want … It does not change the reality which is now being revealed .. believe it or not

3 – Senator Heffernan 2015 reveals

4 – Dishonourable Scott Morrison Part 1

from a 20 mins Ytube  about Morrison’s involvement in Pedo activity –

Apparently it was squashed by NSW police.  I am waiting for documentation.

Dishonourable Scott Morrison Part 2

Dishonourable Scott Morrison Part 3

Dishonourable Scott Morrison Part 4

5 – VIP Abuse Ring – Australian Survivor Speaks

6VIP Abuse Ring – Australian Survivor Speaks #2

7 – See more of the names here



8a – Human Hunting Parties & Royal Elites


8b – Royals Hunting Children For Sport

9 – Royal Conspiracies – Human trafficking

Epstein and Ghislaine are just the tip of the iceberg. The British Royal Family is involved in a lot more than anyone realizes, from longstanding connections to child abuse rings to bodies found on the Queen’s property. Wanna know how deep the Royal Rabbit hole really goes?

10 – A short History of child abuse.

Next  Pedos down under – 3 recent long vids

Tim Roy joins hosts Fiona Barnett & Steve McMurray to talk about his experiences as a victim of VIP Sexual Abuse & Ritual Abuse. Tim is the author of two books ‘Little Tim, Big Tim’ and ‘Switch Me Off’. Tim has also served in the Australian Army’s elite Special Air Service.  “No one is as blind as those who will not see”. I think most people don’t want to believe this evil is going on (they don’t want to disturb their comfortable lives), so they refuse to examine the multitudes of evidence. Well, people, it is true. If you care about children at all, it’s time to stop living in your phony fairy floss existence and get this out.

Those ‘born again’ indoctrinated churches have an open door policy to sinners which is why they attract a lot of shady types. The Pentecostal Churches teach that if you are ‘born again’ and say sorry to Jesus, he will wipe all their sins away and let them into Heaven, despite any sins or wrong doing they commit., so there’s no repentance nor accountability taught. Try murdering someone and then just saying sorry. Pastors and churchie people will desperately scratch around seeking verses to justify their negligence. They also teach that anyone who is not ‘born again’ according to their system will go to Hell. Their beliefs are based on ‘Fear’ of God rather than Love, Oneness and Equality.

Pedos Down under – Part 1

Pedos Down under – Part 2

Pedos Down under – Part 3