48 – Cloning … is it real ?

I do not believe that politicians and celebrities are being cloned and replaced!  Cloning doesn’t sound realistic, but brain washing does using MK Ultra mind control techniques! 

Not once have I seen proof of cloning, only speculation and theories. However, I cannot say is not happening,  but some kind of DNA manipulation with people and interbreeding with animals has happened before.  Gen 6.4   Now, fast forward a few thousand years – this technology has been around since the 1960s and patented by the US Navy in 1996 (a quick google search for ‘voice to skull patent’ will show this).

Why have 95% of people never heard of this and why is it never in the mainstream media?  Because it’s still being experimented with. Some theories suggest it was used on the false flag ‘school shooters’ and ‘terrorists’ for the Government’s advantage.

[wpvideo R815mvlV]