52a – Rapture – Coming world event – will affect you and everyone

by Cab

Truly, I don’t understand where all these wacky Pre-trib, multiple-rapture, License-to-sin heresies are coming from.  Nihilists maybe?   Christians have always believed in the rapture at the Second Coming, when the “dead in Christ rise first, then we which are alive, etc.”   Obviously, there is only ONE Second Coming – not 6 or 7.  But some people care nothing for logic or Truth.   And Jesus is not taking anybody out in shifts.   Only in the imaginations of Nihilist fairy tales will this ever happen!

Where do people GET THIS STUFF?   Are these Rapturists maybe coming into Christianity from nowhere, totally unlearned (and uncaring)  in basic Christian doctrine?   How can these wild, illogical, unBiblical heresies be so common?   Even when you go into Google Images to find something to represent the rapture, it’s all about this imminent, multiple, take-em-out-in-shifts crazy talk there too!

Where do people get this nuttiness about an imminent rapture?   The rapture comes at the end – not the beginning or the middle or anytime at all but the END.  There are a lot more things that have to happen before the Second Coming, and the Second Coming is when the dead in Christ and the righteous living rise in immortality.      There is only   One Second Coming.   I keep telling people that.  They just don’t GET IT.


OPRAH MAGIC?  How can so many people get this one simple thing so wrong?   Possible Answer:  I think people are just used to inventing reality and truth to suit themselves, instead of seeking the Truth and embracing it (and loving it) for what it is – the TRUTH! People don’t love the Truth.   They don’t love God.   They don’t even BELIEVE in God.   They think THEY are God!   They think THEY can invent Truth just like God does, and that whatever they want and say and think will happen.  Just because.  Law of Attraction they call it.  Or “We’re all “little gods”   like Ken Copeland says.   (shudder)This is rather like Oprah religion, you know?  Name it and claim it?   God is a genie in the bottle?  

FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM:   I am  not taking anything for granted, including my soul.   Especially my soul.  I am in full agreement with the urgent advice of my favorite Bible teacher (Dan Corner, www.evangelicaloutreach.org) to AVOID HELL AT ALL COST!

I worry and struggle with myself and my own failings always.  I can’t imagine anything worse than waking up one day in Hell and wondering what went wrong.   Too late.    There is no reincarnation, no second chances, and that’s one of Satan’s clever lies!   I tell this to a Catholic friend I have – who does indeed believe in REINCARNATION.      Catholics are the most anti-Bible people out there.  They want nothing to do with the Bible–they’re scared of it, and leery of it!  But anything the Buddhists, Hindus, shamans say or anybody else but what Bible Believing Christians and the Bible itself says – they think is great.  Catholics are perfectly free to just add those pagan religions right on into their Catholic extra-Biblical fairy tales.   No problem.  The priests don’t even mind if they believe all those false religions totally.   Neither do the popes care.  In fact, the Popes publicly endorse them, as we know.   That is, they endorse all but the Bible and Christianity.   

CATHOLICS:  Really, as soon as a Catholic starts reading the Bible and believing it, then they get rebuked, warned, called down on by the Catholic religion for being a traitor because they make it a choice — us (all the false religions) or them (Christianity).  THAT’S when Catholics get threatened with Hell, if and when they read the Bible.   Catholics generally fear the Bible.   They are taught to stay away from it, lest they ‘invent their own religion’ – and to a Catholic, being a Catholic is the only thing that matters, even if ‘being a Catholic’ means nothing more than to avoid the Bible, embrace any other faith but not the Bible truth. 

I ‘got saved’ when I was working with Catholics on pro-life activism, and I was warned to ‘stay away from the Bible, and that’s how you get yourself into trouble reading by the Bible.’   Of course I just laughed and kept on reading the Bible.  You kidding me?  (Answer:  No, they weren’t kidding!)


 So this friend I have, a Catholic, believes all kinds of stuff that’s totally “out there” and not even close to being Christian, and he’s still a “good Catholic.”   He is not even embarrassed that he’s all into Buddhism and Reincarnation and Spiritism and Oprah Magic. 

PUNCHING BAG FAKE CHRISTIANITY:  Then the so-called Bible Christians (who are NOT!)  think Jesus came to be a punching bag to pay IN ADVANCE for their sins… eye-for-an-eye.   They think GOD and the Devil got together to devour and torture Jesus for 3 days.   Why?  Because these are not real Christians and have no idea what God’s nature really is.  They imagine God is something like electricity and needs to balance out the charge of good and evil by punishing Jesus eye for an eye IN ADVANCE.   It’s nonsense, but many, if not most, pastors teach this same kind of idea.   This makes a nice excuse/license to sin, even tho it’s a horrific doctrine to even contemplate.  

To complete the Nihilist analogy of this punching bag fake Christianity:  Since God knows all the sins of the world that would ever be committed and  since they believe God poured out wrath on Jesus to pay for their sins, eye-for-an-eye — then, the unspoken logic goes, that all we need to do is ‘have faith’ to pick up our free ticket to sin, license to sin, and still go to Heaven, and just lose some rewards if we sin all we want.  

Calvin and Augustine:  These two ravenous wolves are two peas in a pod, and both came up with a lot of nightmarish doctrines written down for theologians and anybody else to ‘study up’ and really mess up their minds and hearts and souls with excuses to sin boldly, to provide a license to sin by turning Jesus into a punching bag for their fake, fairy tale God the Father who as they portray  behaves more like a chemical reaction or electricity than a holy God of love and mercy and justice.


So which is worse?   The Catholics have another version of eye-for-an-eye punishment of Jesus by the Father.  They also believe in license to sin, and they also believe in an God punishing Jesus eye for an eye, but not in advance.   Instead, the Catholics say that Jesus is STILL ON THE CROSS, forever and ever, until the end of the world. And he is re-crucified in the Mass some 350,000 times every day.  That is the core of the “Mass“.

This would explain why to the Catholics Jesus is nobody to fear, to consider, to listen to, to worry about.  There is no need to study the teachings of Jesus that are written in the Bible, the things Jesus taught us when He was physically here among us.   To the Catholic, Jesus is just a big blob of bloody meat, unrecognizable, something to be pitied but not to be feared, and certainly not to be obeyed (meaning never, ever read His words and teachings in the scriptures).


APOSTASY:  Have you ever noticed how the apostatized “Christian” churches NEVER, EVER GO NEAR THE WORDS IN RED in the KJV?   The so-called Christians hate the words of Jesus even MORE than anyone else does.   They don’t ever go near them.   If you ask a pastor about the teachings of Jesus, or bring them up, he will tell you:   Those words are ‘in code to the Jews’ and those words are ‘not for us’ and they are ‘for another people in another time.’   The words of John 3:16 are the only words in red that ever get spoken of.   You know it!  

This is pure horror-show fiction, and these are the two religious fairy tales that bring spiritual death, destroy souls, and propagate evil, misery and death all over the world:  (1)License to Sin and (2) Jesus Paid It All in advance.  And it is also Satan’s greatest lie, told through the mouths of Augustine and Calvin.  We’re told that God created us with a depraved nature, an inability to choose right, and that only by ‘accepting’ our free ticket to Heaven will we get in.  Nothing asked, nothing required, but to claim that ticket!

But the Bible teaches us that we are innocent until we freely choose to do what we know is wrong; and we are not born “totally depraved” sinners, like rattlesnakes waiting to strike, who are unable to be anything else by evil. 

ORIGINAL SIN and the SECOND ADAM:  Beyond that, Jesus is called in the Bible The Second Adam because when we repent and trust in Jesus it is the blood of Christ that TAKES AWAY our sin, cleanses us of sin addictions, and gives us a fresh start by restoring to us God’s Spirit once again, the same Spirit we had when we were born and before we wilfully chose to sin against our conscience.  The blood of Christ has power to make us alive again in the Spirit.  We must then WALK IN THE SPIRIT, or we will just fall away and die again.  The walking part, the obeying part, is OUR JOB, and we are not a dream in God’s mind, and God is not causing us to do anything, and we are not puppets.

The Bible warns that it is not an easy thing to restore someone who has fallen away having once known the Truth.  Remember that one!   We are required to be serious, diligent.  Remember the lazy servant Jesus taught about, and what a horrible end he came to!   We will only learn these things if we read the Bible for ourselves.   If we believe what the pastors are preaching we will lose our souls!



It’s a lie that we inherited a ‘sin disease’ from Adam and Eve!   

Original sin means Adam and Eve, the first sinNOT CONTAGIOUS SIN DISEASE!  We are all born innocent, not full of sin and evil as we’re told by Christianists $elling Augustine and Calvin Nihilist lies.   We fall just like Adam and Eve fell, of our own free choice.   We did not inherit a sin disease from Adam – rather, the curse of physical death

Spiritual Death happens to us the same way it happened to Adam and Eve, when we sin of our own free choice.   We are innocent one day, and fallen the next, thanks to our choices, not God’s, and we are not created ‘totally depraved’ so that we can blame God for what we do.   We are no different than Adam and Eve before they fell, and we fall just like they did, and we are saved just like they, by repenting and trusting in Christ.  They died spiritually by willful sin, and we do the same.  We are innocent as they were until the day we choose of our own free will to sin.   Children are innocent, and Jesus used a young boy to teach his own disciples the example he was looking for with them if they ever hoped to enter into Heaven!  Remember, Jesus heard his own disciples arguing among themselves as to ‘who was the greatest,’ and Jesus brought a young boy to them as an example and warned them they were in danger of Hell if they did  not purify their hearts as being like the young boy’s.  (Luke 9:46 and 22:24)

The Bible teaches:  It’s the blood that has power to take away sin, and to restore the Spirit to us.   We are not to trample the blood by repeated sin, once we are forgiven and cleansed.   We are to:  “walk in the Spirit” and then we won’t commit the deeds of the flesh.  (Gal. 5:15)   Salvation without repentance and obedience is NOT POSSIBLE! 

Too bad the churche$ hate the words of Jesus so much!  But no wonder – it’s not good news, does not comport with their license to sin religious fairy tales or with name-it-and-claim-it either.   The churches would empty out if they preached the Truth —  and so therefore they have to kick Jesus out of their church, out of their religion, in order to make a living.  

What are the odds of Christians sinning and going to Hell ?      Jesus taught that MOST will go to Hell (Matthew 7:13-21).   Jesus taught that FEW would stay on the narrow and difficult path that leads to Heaven, and persevere, and push through to the very end and with agonizing determination to (you might say) ‘crash the gates of Heaven.’  (Luke 13:23,24)   We are to be ready and keep our eyes on the prize and run the race and pass the test.  Jesus taught that half of once-devout Christians will not be ready and will miss Heaven (Matthew 25:13).   The Bible tells us to make God first priority, to put our souls first, to put salvation first, to put living for God first.   To put ourselves last, and God first, is the only way to pass our test (Jn 12:25).   But we’ve got things backwards, thanks to the false teacher$ and evil $hepherds who are leading their flocks into the Abyss.


The Bible says, All who hate God, LOVE DEATH (Prov. 8:36).   Nihilists are just like Satan, consumed with pride and rebellion, thinking they can compete with God.  Nihilists will NOT humble themselves,  be thankful, and forgive — and will tumble into Hell shaking their fists at God!   Forgiveness, thankfulness, humility are all key to purity of soul Matthew 6:14.   We must keep a pure heart like that of a child — or we will be unfit for Heaven. 

Life is a test, not a lottery.