64 – Corona Best Summary Feb 2020

“The Eyes of Darkness” was written in 1981 describing the Corona world wide virus in great detail including names, locations, and especially, but not only, in China.. But there is a hidden agenda with much more behind it.¬† This is no Conspiracy theory, the facts are here.

If you do not spend 22 mins on this, don’t expect to be able to handle the next 12 months, or less.

[wpvideo aQ5YUnQX]

5G was turned on in Wuhan a few weeks before the virus outbreak 5g_antennas_street




So Dettol makers knew about Coronavirus and printed the bottle labels before 27 Oct 2018 ??


This is an app reads wifi activity anywhere. This reading happened at the Gold Coast, QLD between high rise buildings at Main Beach. Very alarming to see how much wifi is at street level. This is worse than shopping centres and hospitals.¬† Imagine living in this area…! Imagine what 5g will look like…! Imagine how many people simply don’t care.