02 – Police have no firearm license.

Police have no firearm license. They claim they don’t need one because they are covered by the QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE but the QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE is a “NON-ORGANIZATION” and is identified as such on DUN & BRADSTREET. (Dun and Bradstreet is an international)  As also evidenced and brought to light is the fact that so called “police” are also doing commercial business on the public highways in “COMMERCIAL” registered vehicles

Police car

If they need a license to operate the vehicle, then surely, they need the license to operate the firearm because the firearm is being used to enforce the commercial contract being conducted on the public highway without proclamation, meaning, this is true highway robbery being conducted by an “international” (Foreign) organization. This is criminal!!!  but the courts and their police are at one with the foreign international highway robbers. (Is the corporate government the real foreign highway robber? pirate)

Police rule only by the gun using terror and intimidation, deprivation of liberty and the threat of death as their main tool in order to enforce false authority. It may appear that the only proclamation they have is the acceptance of the military name appearing on the “DRIVER LICENSE” (That they spell as “Licence”) what can be conferred through the mail and the second generated birth certificate called the “STATE Birth Certificate” being a presumption of an incorporation to the debtor state of the true primary birth certificate. 

On examination of the primary CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH, it appears that the primary document birthed the foreign corporation on to Australian lands and such a document designates the Registrar General as the first trustee and that trustee has created a new name as his debtor by incorporating the ‘house of/clan’ name and the given name together as one proper noun, creating a new name copyrighted to the registrar general.  John Henry and Doe have been incorporated into “John Henry Doe” as evidenced in the margin of the primary document and signed by the Registrar General.

The State then offers this new name to us, “John Henry”, as being the true correct name, and the moment John Henry, accepts the new incorporated name created by the registrar general: “John Henry Doe”, BOOM !!!!  Consent has been established!!!, and because we grew up under the state owned name not knowing any difference, also giving us no “reason” to look or check what our real name is, we fall for the greatest corporate private banking con in the history of the world and subject ourselves to the draconian medieval rule of the Vatican corporate CORPUS JURIS European Roman law of debauchery, slavery and cruelty. 

Another very interesting word: “International” 

It is a word that relates to any of four associations founded (1864–1936) to promote socialist or communist action. So what are these four associations, ??? …. (Dictionary)   Just an overview here, and remember the outcome with Communist and Socialist agenda’s !!! … A bloodbath unlike the world has ever seen!


Even Emperor: Justinian’s slaughter of his citizens in 530 to 560 AD was nothing compared to the modern day slaughter committed under the CORPUS JURIS Vatican roman law of Justinian… 

The EU (European Union) operates under this draconian Roman law that has been outlawed on lands for hundreds of years, it’s the slow indoctrination of the youth with the Vatican corporate control of the mainstream media that has dulled the modern day masses into a false belief that the government of today will save them or protect them when history shows in all cases that the opposite is true and only the vigilant have any chance to survive what may be coming. Corporate international governments can only exist on the plunderment of the birthright of the National and the death of John Henry Doe, before he realizes he in only John Henry, is paramount to the international administration because the “international” is the first debtor trustee and owes the debt back to John Henry.

So while John Henry, assumes himself to be John Henry Doe, and goes to the grave as John Henry Doe, the first debtor, the governor general, will never have to settle the debt back to John Henry, because he never returned to reclaim his birthright estate…  We became the debtor of the debtor by holding the first debtor’s, (Registrar general) incorporated name, “John Henry Doe” …. Incorporations are under international law… 


It appears as if the Roman Law or Treaty of Rome or the Club of Rome, corporate governing system is a system that can easily be corrupted and in some cases, may be used for that very purpose in order to plunder the treasuries of nations for the benefit of large “internationals” being offshore accounts, being profits taken for the internationals and nothing returned to serve the lands and upkeep of the true national governments.   Learn about the Club of Rome at the 25min mark    https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/past-present-future/

club of Rome

The profits of National Governments stays within the borders of where it was generated and countries such as Australia which has vast natural local mineral and energy wealth in reserve would be like a treasure for some foreign international to plunder for its own foreign benefit!

This is probably why the constitutions are set up to try and prevent the plundering of such natural resources by foreign internationals, bringing to light Dick’s warning about the punishments for Australian nationals that have joined the internationals and serve such internationals for the benefit of such foreign entities against the will of the people of Australia. TREASON !!! … These foreign pirates have become highly complex in the administration of their criminal agenda. 

An “International” cannot operate under the common law being written language of English, and in relation to my research regarding the grammatical standing of the international language, I have noticed that such an international language uses the Marginal styles of text in order to disguise itself and usurp its false contracts to the illiterate Nationals, causing such Nationals to assume that an “International’ is the true national, falling for the deception and signing over to the international the consent to be robbed at gunpoint as what is happening right now as we speak… 

The nationals have unwittingly become foreign internationals without any comprehension of what has happened to them, they have unwittingly committed TREASON without knowing because the grammatical crime is complex and the removal of Latin and Grammar from schools in 1966 was probably a part of this international communist agenda to deceive the masses via the Grammar and Latin language appearing on their counterfeit banking documents.

In HITLER’s case, it is becoming clear that he was a communist socialist in disguise initially funded by internationals of the big US corporations. The UN and EU would have their dreams come true, a one world socialist control system using their money for their own control and profit. A monopoly of corporate government. However, Hitler woke up and kicked them out … that was his greatest “crime” and their reason for WW2.


Currently, Australians that have aided and abetted these internationals to enter our lands and set up governments to administer our treasury will have to be sorted out in the future when the masses start to wake up to what has been happening…  

Let’s hope  it doesn’t get to this


Rom …