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Oh my, I took a night off !! Thank you to those who called. I had a normal seasonal sniffle – I am not suicidal so I did not rush out to get a so called FLU shot. A friend got jabbed and tells me he does not know the brand name and did not even read the label to see ingredients. Just 12 hours in bed with a grandma recipe of chicken soup and a dousing of Vit C is all it takes.

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1 – Anti-Cancer recipe

2a – Trump about Hydroxychloroquine and ventilators

2b – Dr. Phil Sits Down With President Trump

Sound is a bit low – turn on full volume


2c – Audience reaction

3a – Getting closer ?


3b – Hope this is true – forget the date setting – start @ 5m 20s

3c – The World Rallies To President Trump’s Defense In Aftermath Of Kangaroo Court Verdict


4a – President of El Salvador just told Tucker that MS-13 participates in Satanic child sacrifice rituals


4b – Lara Logan interview destroys the NWO


4c – Is this the threat of WW3 we are to be expecting

Putin Responds By Threatening To Attack European Cities: Are you ready For Nuclear War OR is Potin working with the White Hats to bring on the THREAT?




4d – Foreign Minister Penny Wong Announces $31,000,000 War 

And Humanitarian Aid Package For Zelensky’s Ukraine.

5a – 60 Minutes – the common fake virus


5b – Cure for Bird flu – scare tactics on the rise

6a – Fema camps intended for us

6b – Strange humanoid creature on camera

7a – Air Travel – enjoy it while you can

7b – Digital ID PASSES in Australia. This could become mandatory if we let it and we comply


8 – Exposing the Crime Century



9 – P1000 camera – removed from sale by NASA

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Who really knows, but what happens will affect the whole world. No one has next week’s newspapers. This event certainly falls into the category of we are watching a movie. There are dozen of opinions floating around – and that’s all they are – opinions. Wait and trust that good will win for those who have accepted Divine protection under Christ. We will know at His right time.

1 – Trump guilty on 34 counts – Redacted Live.

You have to wonder how much money was passed under the table… This one makes sense


2 – Pascal Najadi Exposes More Hidden Secrets and Details on the Global War With the Deep State! #WWG1WGA. Sincerely Yours, JFK, May 29

This was yesterday before the verdict – but it spells out more of the plan


3 – JAG Convicts All 4 Colorado Supreme Court Justices of Treason

Could be true ? we will soon know ok @ 2.0 speed


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Disclaimer – The following is not intended as legal, financial, or medical advice; it is sent for Education and Discussion Purposes Only. All items are the opinion of the authors. Thank you all for your support to maintain the operation of this site and welcome to many new subscribers daily

1a – We are on the upward swing – Don’t be left unprepared

7 mins Ok at 1.25 speed


1b – Pastor Lorenzo Sewell of 180 church asks President Trump

how the black community could be helped – Trump at a black church… good


1c – When Trump built a skyscraper

2a – Chemtrails are just for weather ??


2b – Incredible Sight & Electric Weather


2c – Huge sunspots, pre Quake anomalies


3a – The End of Humanity – As Planned By The Global Leaders

It has always been Satan’s goal – to eliminate mankind and humankind too. Did you know there is an official agenda to replace the human race with robots, cyborgs and AI? This agenda is being heavily promoted by the World Economic Forum. Their plan is to end the era of humanity and usher in a new era of neo-humanity, in which people are a mix of man and machine. They also state that our thoughts and emotions will be monitored by AI in order to combat climate change. Is that the world you want for yourself and your children? Sorry Australians and others, if you are still asleep and refuse to wake up, there is no hope for you or yours. This no longer is something we can ignore. The “leaders” of the WEF, WHO and other organisations are evil and I can’t say they are people because real people do not want to control you and yours.


3b – DAVID ICKE “It Will Be Mandatory in 2025?


4 – The Name stealers


5a – NSW allocates $450 million for more than 400 build-to-rent homes for essential workers

The Minns government will build apartment blocks for Sydney’s essential workers, offering them cheap rent so they’re not priced out of the city.


5b – Mandates

6a – Chicken Flu 2024 – same as Swine Flu 1976


6b – Secretly giving Covid vaxx instead of Tetanus


7a – You do not own your car

7b – Your driving habits are recorded

7c – Secrets of your Social Security Number exposed

Every bill that I get from the gov has the same bar code ….water, synergy, regos, health, land tax, tax….all have my name or company name all with the same bar code on the envelope.

8a – Catholic priest deathbed confession

8b – Neglected people turning into rotting corpses – graphic

9a – ‘It’s just cruel’: Biden being ‘propped up’


9b – Biden Will Pull Out 2024 Race – What next


10 – Our Western Heritage

So much of our Western history has been hidden from us in plain sight. Please watch, share your opinion and most of all please share this far and wide. God bless. (From Ray, watching this video clip reminded me that after the announcement of the death of QEII, Donald Trump travelled to Scotland and there was a lot of speculation about what he was  doing there and what the purpose of his visit was. There was speculation about the authenticity of the Stone Of Destiny at that time. Also, Trump’s mother came from Scotland, whether that has anything to do with it or not. Please let me know if you have any knowledge of any of this. Ray)


11 – Believe this or not – try it

Your battery will last forever! We reanimate an OLD battery without spending money at the dealer Read the comments too



12 – George Carlin

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Click links on little square box, bottom right to play vids full screen.   Vids with no links are from Telegram or attachments

Disclaimer – The following is not intended as legal, financial, or medical advice; it is sent for Education and Discussion Purposes Only. All items are the opinion of the authors. Thank you all for your support to maintain the operation of this site and welcome to many new subscribers daily

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1 – Phase Two Has Just Begun – Banks collapsing

Economist Jim Rickards says we are entering phase two of hundreds of banks collapsing  across The United States.


2a – Vaccine-Injured pharmacist breaks down into tears testifying before Ohio State Senate

Watch this.  Sad …..how many did he jab?


2b – Brave Australia funeral director speaks out ..

 about the tragic rise in sudden deaths in young people, turbo cancers and the loss of babies. A considerable increase in miscarriages, deformities and a pattern of no brain development with hospital workers also saying ‘I’ve never seen so many babies’ Colleagues have commented on a rise in baby funerals from one a month to four a week. One embalmer revealed to her that he is seeing so many abnormal blood clots but didn’t know why!! She is convinced Coroners know but keep silent. Sadly this will be of no surprise to those that have read the Pfizer documents.

2c – Cabal building secret detention cities in all states

Will they be used to house illegal immigrants? The answer is no and the real reason is far more nefarious. Former customs and border protection, supervisor JJ Carrell shares this unbelievable story.


3a – Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

3b – King Charles ‘seriously ill’ as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s Royal Lodge eviction


3c – Urgent: public comments needed on national vaxx strategy closes June19th


4a – Small farmers are under attack by the Govt

4b – Massive fire kills millions of Chickens

4c – Solar windmills great for winter heating

Apparently it is the lubricating oil burning

5 – First crop circle 2024 –


6 – Barcode info you need to know

 Hi Larry,

After the massive attack in the sky here in Tassie on a calm day and than a storm the day after. every one here is suffering from viruses. Subject: Behind the barcodes.. Do check!

  It’s worth noting that NO Aldi products have numbers under the bar-codes any more – just the striped bar codes. And you have to search the really fine print to find a country of origin.  
Check out Bar codes on ALDI products   
    This is worth knowing, so take the time to read this, especially the 2nd bit…. (SCROLL DOWN)
Check this out at the Freezer before purchasing
A week or so ago, Current Affair did a Report on frozen vegetables imported from New Zealand.  As it turns out if it is a Coles or Woolies home brand

there is a more than good chance that the product has come from China.  Products made by McCain’s, Birdseye and other  supposed reputable companies
from New Zealand are now purchasing vegie products from China and selling that product under their name.
Basically check where it is  produced by the comments  on the back of the pack and  if it says produced from  New Zealand and Imported product it has

Chinese vegies in it, put it back on the shelf.  I would even go as far as to say, even if it has product of New Zealand on it, I would be suspicious about
where those vegies in that pack come from.  I suppose to play it safe unless it has been grown and packed in Australia stay away from it unless you don’t
mind digesting poisons. Pretty scary stuff!!
Learn from BARCODES
This will cheer you up, hope you’re not having chicken for dinner
Please remember…….the Australian barcode prefix is 93
–  if you love Australian produce and the thought of keeping jobs here, AND you like to eat healthy foods and buy quality products, then
please read on.  Please also note the Australian barcode prefix is 93.

 are no food inspection regulations of foods grown or processed in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong or Thailand. Other world countries are scared of China making ‘black hearted goods’, but can you differentiate which one is made in Australia, the USA, The Philippines,
Taiwan or China?   For your Information …  The first 3 digits of the barcode is the country code where-in the product was made.  Example: all barcodes  
that start with 690; 691 through to 699 are all MADE IN CHINA.
4 71 is Made in Taiwan .
This is our right to know, but our governments and related departments never educate the public, therefore we have to RESCUE OURSELVES.  Nowadays,

Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products ‘made in china’, so they don’t show from which country it is made.  However, you may
now refer to the barcode.  Remember, if the first 3 digits are 690 through to 695, then it is Made in China.  Don’t forget, Hong Kong is now China, too.
00 ~ 13 USA and CANADA
30 ~ 37 FRANCE
40 ~ 44 GERMANY
49 ~ JAPAN
50 ~ UK

All 480 Codes are Made in THE PHILIPPINES.. 
DO NOT BUY FOOD PROCESSED IN CHINA, HONG KONG, VIETNAM or THAILAND!!!  Remember, there are no food inspection regulations!!!
WATCH WHAT YOU BUY.  ESPECIALLY ‘HIGHLINER’ FISH PRODUCTS; all come from China, even though the box says ‘product of Canada’, it is from China and ‘processed’ in Canada, that is, only the coating is added and packaged in Canada.  The fish are raised in pens using chemicals that are banned in Canada as cancer- causing but legal in China.  This was exposed on CBC TV’s ‘Marketplace’.

Avoid buying all processed food packaged in China.  Anything goes!  We just don’t  know what else is in  those packages.  Unlike the United States and
Canada (and Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain et al).  China does not have laws regulating food processing. Basically, do not buy any processed food from China.  This includes Hong Kong.  MANY companies are using a  Hong Kong address to avoid this type of image reputation.
Send to as many people as possible.  Do NOT buy food originating in China (or Vietnam or Thailand)!  Take the time to read the labels and look for country of origin!
Your Health is at Stake!

IT IS     93

7a – Nesara/Gesara “The Multi-polar order is real”


7b – Wolverine new message – 14 June

7c – A word from Capathia – 14 June

8a – JFK Snr speech JFK – creator of current Q

We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier — the frontier of the 1960s, the frontier of unknown opportunities and perils, the frontier of unfilled hopes and unfilled threats.”

8b – Restored Republic  via a GCR – June 14, 2024


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Disclaimer – The following is not intended as legal, financial, or medical advice; it is sent for Education and Discussion Purposes Only. All items are the opinion of the authors. Thank you all for your support to maintain the operation of this site and welcome to many new subscribers daily

1 – All covid flu vaxxed will die in 3 – 5 years says scientist

2a – Professor Francis Boyle has written an affidavit to court – mRNA are bioweapons

2b – Dr David Martin – the facts behind covid, the kill weapon

2c – Mike Yeadon says – FDA Is a Front

Former CEO of Pfizer

There are no technicians in the buildings, No equipment and No sample testing occurs. “It looks like deception may have been going on a very long time before “covid vaccines” were a thing…”

3a – Former Deputy Chief Medical Officer Of Australia Admits He stopped taking Covid vaccines

He was pushing it 2 years ago….. Trial then hanging, how many people has he injured

3b – How the elite were jabbed

3c – Labor commits to WHO Global Pandemic Treaty and making it binding upon Australia

I thought that it failed ? well Labor and lefties have no respect for anyone

3d – Andrews and Islam

4a – Douglas Macgregor Reveals Russia Just Sent dangerous Signal, EU Panic, Americans Are Afraid


4b – USA electoral map – 14th June

4c – The Sum of All Fears is Here – Steve Quayle and Mike Adams on the nuclear annihilation of the West

The first few minutes says it all – let’s hope this is the THREAT we were told would need to happen. The Cabal are trying to hide the $$ collapse


5a – Kerry Cassidy – CABAL⚡️

⚡️Arrest Her Immediately ⚡️

Kerry Cassidy committed violation under 18 USC 2381 and 50 USC 3059 favoring our enemies of our ongoing Décence War  eliminating the Cabal. I call on our US Military Justice to take immediate action without one minute delay, children might be in harms way of this satanic creature Cassidy. This is an order for her immediate  arrest and detention interrogation. She has identified herself as an enemy. This is an order during wartime current and ongoing 50 USC 1550. Sincerely, President John F. Kennedy ´Q’ United States Republic

5b – He got what was due

6 – The White Rabbit – Ransom ?


7 – British farmers coerced to stop growing food

8 – 2 laws that changed the world


9 – Benefits of Earthing

10a – Will real Christians go through Tribulation ?

10b – The God I worship

10c – End time events to prepare for

We may or may not be in End Times – No one knows the day or the hour – Either way it is better to know and prepare

11 – Posted by Wolverine 14/6/2024

I was told about 3 weeks ago that Bruce was told off by the military for sharing something that he said and he was told to slow down on sharing all that he hears.  Now  looking back over all his Intel segments since I was told this I can definitely see that he has been pulled into line which is a great sign in itself


• The Central Bank of Brazil confirmed that it has already started.  The Brazilian people did not see this, it is a process.

• Tier4B notifications have arrived for Wells Fargo, we are not sure if they are for their banking customers or not. Some people will receive notifications and payment forms, but will not receive notifications due to the NDA.

• The latest news is in Mexico and the Gesara Nesara Event. The news closes at night and resources will be announced.

• Notifications for all others must be made on Sunday or Monday. I know Monday will be D-Day, but I hope it’s Sunday night.

• Please check our emails and notifications.

• Antonia Diógenes, one of the gurus of the Spanish/Latin group, a highly respected guru, says that notifications for the Tier4B Internet group have been published.

• Brazil and Colombia will be the first to liquidate holders in the next few hours.

• There is!! The greater the wealth transfer, the more it begins. There will be the Trumpets of Liberty and then the Opera!

• Sun. June 9, 2024: A lady in California has a friend who is a whale. The man has more than 100 thousand invested in historical securities. He hired several partners and lawyers. Treasury notifications to finalize procedures to receive liquidity… this is the fourth quarter. June 18. Bond Banker..


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