45b – Greens Leader – Richardo Luiji Di Natale

Ian Rutherford Plimer (born 12 February 1946) is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne,

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richard di natate

Richardo Luiji Di Natale.  The Greens party leader   

barry cockinos

Article by  Barry Cockinos ..Sports Medicine Australia member. 

Richardo Luiji Di Natale. The Greens party leader who loves to tell us Aussies that we live on stolen land and our nation isn’t legitimate and that we should give it all back to the aboriginals. 

Richardo Luiji Di Natale. The son of Italian immigrants.  No one in his family fought or died for this country he is critical of while he is taking advantage of it.

Richardo Luiji Di Natale. The Greens party leader who despises Australians. In particular white Australians and in particular wealthy and middle class Australians and would happily rid  the average Aussie family of their privately owned 474 to 665 square meters of “stolen land”,  he owns a 50 acres of “stolen land” in Victoria’s Otway Ranges. Not only does he own it. He failed to declare that he owned it when he entered politics. And he is required by law to  declare it. 

He claimed that he’d forgotten that he’d purchased his 2.3 million dollar property!

Like putting spare change in a draw, I suppose.   One forgets it’s there?? 

But wait there’s more!! 

This “champion of human rights” and especially the rights of foreigners in Australia. Had two au pairs on his property. An au pair is a young foreign person, typically a woman, who  helps with housework or childcare in exchange for food, a room, and some pocket money. 

And Greens party leader. Richardo Luiji Di Natale. The champion of humanity, in his own mind, paid them a massive $3.75 an hour to help with his family. Mind you on top of Richardo Luiji  Di Natale’s $283,632 plus bonuses and quirks per year from the tax payer.  He would also claim that massive $3.75 per hour for his nannies back on tax as he’s a mobile politician. 

His ad for the au pair read … “family of four is looking for an extra pair of hands around the place to entertain the lads   [the couple have two boys] and help with cooking and general  domestic duties”.   “Will take couples but weekly wage remains the same.”

That’s $150 a week for two people. Or $1.88 an hour each.   Even if we disregard his hypocrisy in being critical of our nation and the land we live on,  He’s even failing at being a communist.  Which is what the Greens are. 

Richardo Luiji Di Natale is a hypocrite, a capitalist and he takes advantage of those on working visa’s as well as the Australian tax payer.


Richard is even failing at being a communist, which is what the Greens are,  and like Bill Shorten and Co. they say they want a Republic, but won’t say what kind of Republic.   A Chinese or USSR Communist Russia type ?? where the Govt owns everything ??