06 – Are Local Councils Legal?


Are Councils Legal?
it’s not a trick question, it’s very serious)

The rampant deceit and corruption we are MADE to endure, under threats and intimidation, and forced penalties, that have no Legal/lawful, standing under the Constitution. That has been denied us.

There are now more people each day waking up to many of these facts, so become part of the growing awareness, to take Australia back for the people. Keep spreading the truth. It’s all about Money: Control: and Power: by those who should be in servitude to us. 

[Extracts]Quick and Garran’sAnnotations of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Page 34633.

“And all Laws.”To be valid and binding they must be within the domain of jurisdiction mapped out and delimited in express terms, or by necessary implication, in the Constitution itself. What is not so granted to the Parliament of the Commonwealth is denied to it. What isnot so granted is either reserved to the States, as expressed in their respective Constitutions, or remains vested but dormant in the people of the Commonwealth.The possible area of enlargement of Commonwealth power, by an amendment of the Constitution, will be considered under Chapter VIII.“Every legislative assembly existing under a federal constitution is merely a subordinate law-making body, whose laws are of the nature of by-laws, valid whilst within the authority conferred upon it by the constitution, but invalid or unconstitutional if[P.347] they go beyond the limits of such authority.

We the people “of the Commonwealth” voted in 1988 Q 3:To alter the Constitution to recognise localgovernment.Q3. The referendum was NOT carried.No States recorded a YES vote. Nationally 33.62% of electors voted YES.