03 Why does your Council desperately want recognition in the Constitution?

Councils want to become legal? After all this time?

An “expert” panel is commissioned by the Gillard government to try to figure out how to squirm into power, their unlawful and unconstitutional Local Government (ie – your Local Council).

The “expert” panel wants Australians to vote for a change to our Commonwealth Constitution, which would give local government (Councils) recognition.

This shows 2 blatant facts

1 – The Government knows that the Constitution and Common Law prevail,

2 – The very fact that there is a move to have Councils recognised is PROOF that they are NOT recognised.

And why did our wise founding fathers who drafted the Constitution deliberately exclude Local Govt.? Simple – to prevent local dictatorships, harassment and corruption in towns, communities and cities. Read – The Origins of Common Law by Arthur R Hogue (Liberty Press)





Local Councils are PRIVATE COMPANIES with ABNs Their By-laws and Statutes apply only to their own staff. Their true purpose is to provide essential services + maintenance.

If they become “government” your rates will soar unabated.

Local government and the associated “Acts”(illegal) that support it have reverted us back to the dark ages before the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights. We are now subject to “off with their heads legislation” … all done without mandate.

The respective State Local Government Acts (illegal) seek to enable council staff to commit trespass, theft, debt bondage and extortion, And yet this “panel” and the political parties think this abuse of power deserves Constitutional recognition. We are now faced with the Stalinist anti-freedom political conditions today as the people faced under James II. Bring on the next Glorious Revolution.

What people want, is a reduction in the cost of living and the right to the quiet enjoyment of their hard won private property, without harassment and State sponsored extortion.

Local Councils in Referendum 1988 (This was the 3rd attempt since 1901)Question 3 from the referendum was: A Proposed Law; ‘To alter the Constitution to recognise local government.’ Do you approve of this alteration ?

The SPECIFIC (Federal Referendum) proposal was: Constitution Alteration (Local Government) 1988…. 119A, It asked you the people …

“Each state shall provide for the establishment and continuance of a system of local government, with local government bodies elected in accordance with the laws of the state, and empowered to administer, and make BY-LAWS FOR, their respective areas in accordance with the laws of the state”

Note the words – establishment and continuance – for reasons stated before, Local Councils were not lawfully established as Government and the referendum asked your permission for them to be so.

The entire 1988 referendum was REJECTED by the will of the people. It obtained NO majority in any State and an overall minority of 3,084,678 votes.


So why do they desperately want recognition ?

Simple – if councils and staff, (ie – those “wannabe policemen and women”) don’t get it, they could all end up in jail or lose their jobs. The general public is starting to wake up to their fraud and extortion tactics to obtain revenue to feed their own bureaucracy.

When we DO see a referendum, and once again, thinking people vote “NO”, then thousands of major Writs need to be prepared now and placed in “ALL” courts around Australia charging local councillors personally for their past theft and extortion via rates, parking fines, land taxes ….. and don’t for a moment think those in admin are ignorant of their actions … they know exactly!

Local Councils are PRIVATE COMPANIES with ABNs Their true purpose – to provide essential services + maintenance.

If this was done without their top heavy bureaucracy, your rates would be a fraction of what they are now.

President of the Local Government Association of Queensland, Paul Bell says “if there aren’t changes, direct funding by the Commonwealth for programs like the Roads to Recovery could be in jeopardy. 99 per cent of it spent on roads that are not able to be funded through local rates.” (so where is your License and car registration money going now ?)

Paul Bell says that in some instances, communities want to work with the Australian government directly rather than via their state government.

He accepts there is likely to be opposition by a number of States.

“They like to be able to control the size, the shape and how local governments in their state work.” .. “We as local government are part of the constitution of the State”,

NOTEwhat is not said is that State Constitutions are fraudulent as they have never been approved by the electorate at referendum and are in breach of Sec 109)

And he says – “but what we are saying is where in the local interest, there is a national opportunity for the Australian government to work directly with local communities, that should be able to happen legally.” In other words, they know they are NOT currently acting legally and are charging monies illegally.

As part of Labor’s negotiation to form a minority government, Julia Gillard gave an undertaking to hold a referendum on indigenous recognition in theConstitution as well as constitutional recognition for local government. (I’m sure the indigenous people are NOT so excited about this nonsense And remember, we are being dictated to by a few independents who betrayed their own electorates)

Local Councils are PRIVATE COMPANIES with ABNs

Their true purpose – to provide essential services + maintenance

Don’t say, “There’s nothing I can do!” There is!!…….

The public need this information and it is up to you to place a hard copy in their hands. It is NOT ENOUGH to just sit and forward this email to a few who might do likewise. If you care for your neighbour, yourself, your children and their future, print many copies, leave your beloved computer for a while and letterbox your area, your club and everyone in your Church. 1000 leaflets will cost you about $60.

If you choose not to, then expect more rules, harassment, fines and massive rates increases.

Love thy neighbour as thyself.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

To Print Pamphlet for Distribution ………. Why_Councils_Want_Constitutional_Recognition_flyer