15 – Ley Lines the key to the matrix

LEYLINES  – In ancient times, the understanding of Earth’s Grids, Ley Lines & Chakras were used to harness the magical powers of Earth’s magnetic energy fields — which all connect to our human body chakra system & energy meridians. Ancient technology was common knowledge & used in combination with astrology & numerology under Universal Laws.

Earth’s ley lines were hacked eons ago by the dark rulers of the church & monarchs. They build structures all around these ley lines — churches, science labs, palaces, government buildings, etc. These structures were used to alter & distort the frequency of Earth’s natural grid & field in its area to disconnect humans from its true authentic natural vibration & frequency. The technology created the 3D matrix on Earth with satellites to produce low frequencies that interfere & distort the human field — wifi, EMF radiation & 5G.

Our Human Divine Connection was taken down. Our Divine Higher purpose was reduced to slaves & trapped in an illusion of fear. The church created a sinful death belief system of one life to live only & erased the law of reincarnation. Connections to our Higher Self & Ascended Masters were ceased & hidden behind the veils of amnesia. Humans were trapped in centuries of generational pain that was manifested by dark energies, belief systems & projections of fear, death & the lack of self worth.

A field of low vibrations that recycled fear, shame, guilt & pain — dependent on their matrix systems of religion, government, education, food, medical, information & entertainment. This Mind Body & Spirit was manipulated to an illusion of freedom but in reality, living in mental prisons of 9-5 liner sheep life.
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