30 – Freemasons Altiyan Childs + Paul Knights + David Straight + Bill Schnoebelen

Why do men Join the Freemasons ?

Australian state police at the top in all areas including police stations are all mostly Freemasons our courts at all levels are infiltrated with Freemasons

The force behind all evil – Politicians, Neighbours Relatives, Celebrities, Pastors, Bankers, Royalty, Undertakers.   Many people you know are involved. named and documented. This is very heavy stuff – 

The 5 hr vid from Altiyan Childs has been removed  but here is a short summary.

Item 3 is a similar story

1 – Opens with a brief intro from a top cop in Toronto then a short segment from Altiyan Childs  

2 – Freemasons are the Enemy


3 – Freedom from Freemasonry – Paul Knights’ Story

Paul Knights is now the Pastor of Mount Olive Church. This is His story of coming out from Freemasonry.

4 – J Edgar Hoover

5 – David Straight Out of Babylon Freemason secrets

6 – Bill Schnoebelen  Sex Habits of Mason