2023/07/12th   – Vengeance time if you were jab harmed

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All Jabbers, be they Politicians, Health Dept staff, Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers, Chemists, Medical Centres – everyone who ever promoted or at worse, actually jabbed anyone is responsible and $$ liable for their actions including your loss of job etc. Nuremburg Item 4. Be sure you have their names ready.


1a – Bosses are being told to destroy COVID vaccination data collected about their staff.

WorkSafe says regulations have expired today, and employers have just 30 days to dispose of the personal information. http://7NEWS.com.au #7NEWS  

Yep, that’s right, get rid of all that data, do what the government says. But just remember, it won’t likely excuse you from being held liable for any damages or deaths caused by these clot shots if any of your employees sustained injuries or were killed by your companies enforcing this on your employees 

Julian Gillespie is a retired lawyer and former barrister who has come out of retirement to fight a new legal battle, aiming to put an immediate stop to the vaccines in Australia which could be a real game-changer. He explains why in this interview. Julian also explains to us how our government is lying about the number of deaths in our country (both from COVID-19 and vaccines), the shadow body really calling the shots behind the rollout, discoveries about how many injuries we are really seeing in Australia and around the world, and more. The case is due to start next week. For more information on the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN) Judicial Review and to support the case financially, you can visit this link (https://avn.org.au/information/vaccine-laws/the-avn-takes-legal-action-to-protect-all-our-rights/…)

1b – The evidence is mounting and indisputable

that MRNA vaccines cause serious harm including death, especially among young people. We have to stop giving them immediately   

1c – “Greate$t mi$carriage of medical $cience that we’ll $ee in our lifetime.” Remember the promoter$

2a – Thousands of ytubers who pushed the jabs now have cancer


2b – Ultrasound whistle blower reveals….


2c – Dr. Meryl exposes WHOs Health Agenda


2d – WHO claims children are theirs, not yours


3a – Ukraine is filled with NAZIS .. Roseanne Barr

“They marched my entire family out into the forest and buried them alive!” “You haven’t seen the swastikas on the soldiers arms!?” Zelensky persecutes his own people locks them up for speaking up and also denies many citizens religious freedom. This war has little to do with Ukrainian freedom or Russian aggression

3b – Ukraine soldier buried alive by fellow soldiers for disobeying orders


4 – World Religious leaders Mt Sinai – to repent Climate change


5 – Voice Supporters take note

If Japan had broken through in 1942, the aborigine population would have been wiped out. Mr Thomas Mayo – how much do you owe us for not being slaughtered? – You would not exist if it had not been for us, the white nation and infrastructure builders.

6 – Girl in plane wearing a silicone mask why ?


7 – Australia – Fake meat on shelves next year ?


8a – Trump Past Vet Parade

8b – SOUND THE ALARM! Things are about to spike – Bohemian Grove + Blackout + Arrests ?


9 – QFS Snippets

General Flynn recently said there will not be a 2024 election – Other rumours of Trump reinstated within weeks – we will see ?

Charlie Ward’s channel was taken down due to copyright infringement.  We know that’s a lot of BS. The cabal is on its last leg and trying to stop our voices. 

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