2023/08/05th  –  NWO Count Down + Backflip on WA Heritage Laws

This is not a game – it is deadly serious and this post will be meaningful only to those who looked at all items yesterday

You say you have only 24 hours in a day, we’ll that’s a lie because you’re asleep for 8 hours. After you wake up you go to work for 8 hours. Most work a 9-5 job. It’s called modern day slavery. So you have approximately less than 8 hours left for yourself per day, that’s not including washing yourself, getting the children ready for school, iron clothes, making breakfast. getting ready for work, cooking and eating when you get back from work, cleaning the house & washing the dishes – let alone spending time with your family. This is proof you’re living in the matrix, Time to unplug yourself… Don’t be a victim of ignorance, Think while it’s still legal.

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Disclaimer – The following is not intended as legal, financial, or medical advice; it is sent for Education and Discussion Purposes Only… All items are the opinion of the authors

1a – Tombstones are white too !

1b – Boomerang for Trump

1c – Listen again – last night post Item 1a

1d – Navy and Marine Corps Large Scale Exercise

It is my understanding it was not an exercise.. but is an operation.. Talisman is a military operation in far North Queensland, has been going approx 2 weeks, involving US, Canadian and US troops. Nuclear Sub in Perth. My son lives in Whitsundays and said there is still a lot of military activity both in the air and on ground. We’ve just had 2 American war ships pull into Sydney harbour, and a nuclear sub pull into Perth. Talisman troops are still here, so , get ready for potential military Lockdown


2a – Trump’s Attorney John Lauro explains the indictments  

2b – Steve Bannon – War Room on GB News


2c – Fake Assassination Of President Trump ?

Apparent fake assassination of President Trump at Montgomery, Alabama, Friday 5th. Here is the audio

3a – Remember Biden’s Inauguration – Jan 2021 ?

3b – Devon Archer, Biden’s former business partner, exposes the Biden $$ deals

4a – Tim Ballard Interviews Donald J Trump


4b – The US “Corporations” Debt – comparison

THIS IS Not the Debt of the US “Republic"  Completely different. short read, photos say it all.

5a – Ukraine is being blown apart by Russia


5b – MSM news report from Ukraine – oops she put up the wrong greenscreen

5c – Putin declared end of NWO Sunday July 30 

6a – Exit the WHO Worldwide movement


6b – The Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Was Signed In Moscow On August 5, 1963

7a – WA to scrap heritage laws ‘within days’:

Was it really pressure from the Farmers or someone wearing a white hat ?


7b – Uluru Statement – 26 pages – not just one, Albo


7c – Melbourne New Childrens Hospital – Nothing to see ??? hmmm

7d – Hospitals – up to $100k per “covid” Death ?

It is more profitable if you wear a lab coat, have authority and are sneaky about it. They have been doing this with cancer patients for decades.


8a – Govt have given up – Ignore them – Tim Dwyer


9a – Deep State Enlists Black Hat Soldiers Out of High School

The Black Hat deception stretches from the highest rungs of the governmental ladder to the halls of America’s high schools, where military recruiters promised potential enlistees unauthorized rewards in exchange for a criminal commitment: If POTUS Joseph R. Biden, Barack Obama, or Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declare Donald Trump and his adherents domestic terrorists, stand ready to wage war against enemies of the United States Constitution.

As reported this week, White Hats arrested several corrupt officers and NCOs stationed at Fort Drum, New York, and at Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany. They also apprehended 165 enlisted personnel who participated in live-fire wargames, practicing marksmanship on wooden targets draped in MAGA attire. A few of the 165, when told they faced lifelong imprisonment or a hanging, buckled under interrogation and described a scenario so villainous that it shocked White Hat leaders who thought they had already seen the worst the Deep State had to offer.

That sums it up – Read more if you want


9b – Pfizer employees were given a “special batch” of Covid jabs


10 – The Crown of Treason in Govt House Melbourne  

11a – Two things you should know

11b – The recent world you never heard about

Sky Train 1902 – Skype 1928 – Electric Scooters – Personal flying machines (no propellers)


11c – Medical Lies we believe – Dr Tom Cowan


12a – Bloodlines of the Illuminati  

12b – Journalist error, misreporting, or the Mandella effect?

Three days after the high-profile disaster, on April 15, 1912, The World daily would write: The Titanic sank… no one died… all safe. 😳 But The World was not alone, several other newspapers confidently informed the world that the Titanic sank without casualties.


12c – Do you attend a Church like this –

Stay home and watch this instead

12d – There’s POWER in the Name of Yeshua


End of Post

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