2023/10/09th   –  Israel is Last – what does that mean ?

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1a – Yes camp doesn’t want voters to know  

The ‘full, radical agenda’ of the Voice   The PM tried to shove the Uluru Statement and the unread 26 pages down our throats. On election day we will return it to him as a suppository. 

1b – Jacinta thanks Australians for support


1c – Yes Campaign’s Doubtful Claims and Dirty Tricks EXPOSED


1d – Identity activists are insanely desperate to take offence


2 – Israel is last – what does that mean ?

Firstly – Read again item 1a on yesterday’s Post and noteIsrael at war: Gaza destruction will spark Palestinian revolts worldwide (as planned by Albert Pike 1871)

Ok, there seems to be pretty significant confusion floating around out there between long held expectation, largely Q drop related (“Israel is last”), and what many are hearing from first hand accounts on the ground (in bomb shelters), etc., in Israel, so let’s unpack this and make some sense of it. We knew there would likely be a WWIII scare event scenario (another long held expectation) kicking off the intro to the public transition to what has to change not only in America, but worldwide.

We’ve seen before us, over the last several months, a culmination of anticipated end-stage events leading up to the pressure cooker that is now. So what would a WWIII scenario have to look like to convince the world at every level of awareness (and lack thereof) that conditions have become so unsustainable that worldwide martial law and removal and replacement of all governments would be necessary with no other answer?

Let’s start with the fact that all of the satanic sites that most don’t believe are satanic (or just aren’t aware that they are) have to be taken out, but haven’t been. The Guide Stones, yes, and most had no idea what they even were, so taking them out wasn’t earth shattering to the majority. But what sites would be targeted in a WWIII scenario that WOULD shake the majority to the core and paralyze them to a chair waiting to see what’s next, as well as keep them more than willing to follow military directives?

The White House?  Oh yeah. The capital building?  Most definitely. Major dams, 3 Gorges among the leading? Without question. Buckingham Palace, Vatican City, plenty of targets, and all of them could’ve been hit one at a time on staggered dates and called acts by “hostile regions” prompting retaliatory “strikes”, etc., individually over the last couple of years. But that didn’t happen. Why not? I mean, it did look like the WH were trying to wrap most of this up prior to the public transition, right? So we know they needed to come down, but why did the coalition wait?  What were they saving those strikes for?

Back to today. Why Israel last? And if the events like the MSM being taken over, etc, are not happening in real time, then why the reports from friends hanging out in bomb shelters feeling the explosions now?  Think about it. Of all the places we’ve seen and heard about with accounts of “earthquakes” exactly 10km apart, and seen what appear to be random hostile acts over the last two years, Israel has been generally (and unusually) quiet. Yet, we know the longest tunnel used for gold storage ran between Israel and the Vatican. We know they had a huge network of underground tunnels and nefarious sites of their own where trafficking and criminal activity occurred. But very limited action there. Hmm…

 Maybe because they needed to leave one place where they took out everything that had to go in rapid succession, which would very realistically simulate…the beginning of a war scenario in a very controversial location? Has to look, feel, smell, and sound real in at least the initial location. Multiple explosions would do that (many of which, if you watch closely, are clearly controlled implosions). Bomb shelters, martial law.  All the ingredients while the unknowing comply amid what they don’t realize isn’t a war, but what had to be done anyway and was just saved for last for the worldwide kickoff?  Throw in Turkey and Syria (plenty of buzz in the “news” there between two countries we know signed onto Gesara).

It was never not going to seem real – but scary. Hence the phrase “scare event”. Our complacency with awaiting this as our “normal” because of the duration never changed what the outcome was always going to produce. People need a damn good reason to believe that what’s about to happen isn’t a choice, but a need. Not one they’re told about. One they need. And can see. And can feel.  And they are. Welcome to the final curtain.

3a – Feasts into Mourning – More prophesy ??


3b – War between Hamas and Israel being staged like a movie. How News footage is made

3c – Controlled demolition – footage from 2021

3d – Squint and look at the image on the left

4a – Israel Hamas War – live from Efrat Fenigson  

Efrat Fenigson: “I served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces..  there’s no way, in my view, that Israel did not know what’s coming… Something is very wrong here”

4b – Who Profits from the War  ?

5a – David Icke – what’s happening in Israel


5b – Situation in Israel …‘increasingly severe’ Ilana Lenk – Israeli Embassy Canberra


5c – The people of Gaza are about to be sacrificed to Satan unless the world acts

Benjamin Fulford 7 October 2023 Both Mossad and MI6 sources confirm the attack on Israel by Hamas was orchestrated by Benyamin Netanyahu in order to create an excuse for the mass slaughter of the Palestinian people. This is meant to be a sacrifice to Satan intended to start a nuclear holocaust. The Israeli military and Israeli people need to arrest Netanyahu and his Satanic gangster followers. They are the ancient enemies of the Jewish people and we need to finish them off once and for all.


6 – Sun. 8 Oct. Martial Law Unleashed…

EBS Alert’s Urgent Broadcast and How Redemption Centers Might Be Our Only Hope! | Alternative | Before It’s News 

Deep State arrests: California alone has witnessed up to 8000 arrests, with over 3000 in the Northeast U.S., particularly concentrated in the New England area. Rumours suggest that the populace might be urged to stay indoors for their safety, especially during ‘Disclosures‘, while the final arrests take place. However, a resilient and awakened citizenry, now more than ever, won’t be silenced or confined. The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is on the horizon, and when it hits, it will be swift, silent, and shocking. Like a ghostly shadow, everything familiar will fade into obscurity. Just like the eerie silence of 2020, we’ll be asked to remain rooted, perhaps for days, maybe weeks.

The Military, it seems, has a broader purpose. As the last of the so-called Satanists face arrest and are sent to GITMO, the Military is also gearing up to distribute food, especially to the elderly. This is not just about control but also about care. There’s chatter about the Military potentially overseeing the nation until fresh elections are held, precisely 120 days post the GESARA announcement. The focus should shift towards electing individuals with business acumen, particularly those who can rejuvenate local businesses, and more importantly, food-growing enterprises.

The bustling stock market? Halted. The digital world you’re so intricately linked to? Gone. And trust me, when the EBS alert vibrates your cell phone, echoing the chilling announcement, you’ll know it’s begun. These messages, sourced from the Starlink, are there to stay. Deleting them? Forget about it. They’re imprinted, lasting reminders of the changing times. Essentials First: Stock up on clean drinking water. Ensure there’s enough food, not just for you, but for your pets too. Medicines?  Get them in advance. Remember, the digital world is on a hiatus, so medical records are inaccessible. Cash is King: In a world where digital transactions become obsolete, cash will be your saviour. ATMs might be out of service, and swiping those cards at gas pumps? Dream on.

Mental Fortitude: When the shock hits, it’s vital to keep your wits about you. Before you extend your hand to others, ensure you’re mentally fortified. Some might be in a state of shock, unable to respond. In such cases, a breath of fresh air, a gentle walk, might help. Your TV, phone, and internet will spring back to life, unveiling a spectacle titled ‘Disclosures’. Rumour has it, it might even grace the big screens. But this isn’t your typical Netflix binge. It’s a 24/7, 8-hour block broadcast, lasting anywhere between 3 to 10 days.

The content? Oh, it’s the raw, unfiltered truth of events, spanning Military Tribunals and even, hold your breath, Public Executions. Areas drenched in corruption, like Los Angeles and New York, might experience extended viewing periods. But when the switch is flipped back, expect a metamorphosis. A world pulsating with positive energy, devoid of evil’s grasp. The internet? Transformed. Banking systems? Revolutionized. This, dear readers, is the dawn of an era of transparency and abundance as it should be.

However, as the layers peel back, revealing covert operations, prepare to be flabbergasted. The faces you recognize might just be elaborate masquerades, Hollywood-grade masks, CGI marvels, and eerily realistic Body Doubles. Ever watched the ‘Truman Show’? Our reality might not be far off, with the scripted drama unfolding since 2015, or perhaps even earlier.   Subscribe:    https://t.me/DavidWilcock

7a – Mysterious Sudden Deaths – more common   

You’ll never see this on TV News

7b – Digital Twin Victoria platform now live

Cop this lot – Obviously been planned secretly for a long time to have all this work done.


8 – Update From ScottE  mp3 

9 – Forgotten Australian History + new info

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